KDSPY (Kindle Spy) Review

  • 2 years   ago

Niche research, especially in self-publishing business is one of the hardest things to do. As part of the book creation, niche research is not only tedious but also time-consuming. 

However, it’s a necessary step because you want your book to bring in traffic that will lead to significant sales. There are multiple tools out there that can help you carry this process fast and easy. But there’s no better tool than the KDSPY.

What is KDSPY?

KDSPY is a browser extension that helps you in your book market research. With KDSPY, you’ll identify hot niches by reverse-engineering the bestseller books in the Amazon Kindle book category. This tool retrieves sales data of as many as 100 bestsellers for a specific keyword. It then lets you know whether the selected niche is profitable or not.

Key Features

Search Tool: Use the feature to search for keywords as well as keywords suggestions. Also, find out how competitive those keywords are.

Word Cloud: Helps in analyzing the titles of the bestseller books in any niche you choose. You’ll also identify the words most frequently used in their titles.

Bestseller Rankings: The feature shows you handy stats like page numbers, monthly revenue, estimated sales, etc.

Spy on Self-Published Authors: Know what a particular author has published, a sales rank of the book, monthly revenue, etc.

Book-Tracking: You can conveniently follow the rank of any book over the 30 days. You’ll also get important ideas that you may need to incorporate in your work.


You’ll get a KDSPY extension at a discounted one-time subscription of $47. This payment will include regular and lifetime updates for Google Chrome users and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Installing KDSPY 

The KDSPY extension works on only two browsers—Google Chrome and Firefox. You can download the Google Chrome version from the Chrome web store. On the other hand, you’ll only download the Firefox version from the official website after signing up.  

Unfortunately, unlike the Chrome, Firefox version doesn’t auto-receive the regular updates. That means you’ll have to re-install anytime a new update comes up.


Book tracking to collect performance data of as many Kindle books as possible

User-friendliness as KDSPY is very intuitive to use and easy to install

Unbeatable price because another such great tool you’ll find selling for a life-time subscription of $47 only

Support of different Kindle stores and it isn’t just limited to the U.S. It can as well support other country-specific Kindle marketplaces like Canada, UK, etc.


Supports only two browsers, Firefox and Google Chrome

Doesn’t show demand data

Firefox browser doesn’t get auto-updates

Final Thought

Doing extension research before you can write and publish your book is critical. Enough research means that you will have identified the right category and keywords for your work before you even start. 

That means your book will attract traffic well and hopefully lead to sales. But you can’t do better market research of your book without the right tools; otherwise doing it manually is daunting and unbearable. 

KDSPY is the right tool you’re looking for. It’s sold for a reasonable and affordable price and it’s also a very easy-to-use browser extension. The tool comes with a wide range of features that will take your kindle writing and publishing to great heights.