llA checklist can be of help in your purchase of a used car

  • 3 years   ago
llA checklist can be of help in your purchase of a used car

Besides your residence, your vehicle could be the priciest purchase of your life. While people fancy nice cars they also attempt to manage their finances well. Thus, muchconcludethe purchases ofabrand new car as an expense that can be prevented. You will find expensive second-hand cars and bargain purchases on brand new vehicles. However, there are aspects besides the sticker value that makes a brand new car a waste of money. The related fees, ensuringcosts and drops in value amount to thousands through the initial years of a new car. 

How about a “somewhat-used” car that is not more than a couple of old and featuresbelow 30,000 miles, it could help you save on money with no sacrifice in quality.


Another reason why the purchase of a used car could be a smart investment is that all contemporary cars are durable. 

In spite of all the advantages of purchasing a used car, it can be a daunting experience for the buyer. In such a situation a checklist can be of great help to the buyer. But, what is such a checklist?

When you venture out to purchase a second-hand car, you must first decide on the vehicle that you wish to purchase.

While purchasing a pre-owned car, you are likely to get influenced.You could witness a Honda City of 6 years and a Toyota Camry of 4 years at a dealership.And their costs are six and seven lakhs respectively. You may be okay with paying that extra amount and get a Camry. However, you should know that its operationsandmaintenance cost exceeds that of Honda City. Over the long run, you're going to wind up with a much higher expense.

There're a number of things that you must do when you are out to purchase a Ciaz in Bangalore which is verified by car owners.

You must check the condition of the car and the Registration documents

Although you are purchasing a used car, it must be in anexcellent working state and must be worth the investment. Do a test drive of the vehicle and have a mechanic check out the major systems that include cooling, engine, wheels,transmission, and more. Such checks are going to be of helpin ascertaining if the car is in an as excellent a state as the seller says. You can also make a list of thenecessaryfixes and maintenance and incorporate them into your budget.

Try and make sure that you perform a detailed check as you go for taking your vehicle also. You might be wondering why it’s essential. The reason is that a dealer couldswapcertainparts between the time you saw the car and you come for taking the vehicle 

Several questions are natural when you are purchasing a used car. Is the person selling the vehicle its real owner? Is the vehicle being resold for the first or second time? Have a look at the smart card or the RC book for getting the Owner Serial Number. Thisspecifiesthetimesthatit’s been resold. Haveall the dues that include the road tax paid by the owner? Make sure that the seller hands over all the papers to you that must beverified. Among them are

  • Original invoice

  • Road tax receipt

  • NOC from the provider of the car loan.

The transfer of the car is effective right of the buyer and the seller signing of RTO Forms 29 & 30. Moreover, the seller requires submitting Form 28. It’s the NOC for the car transfer.

Gather information regarding the Car insurance and possibilities of modifications

Check the insured worthof the car on the policy – It is going to be asuitable benchmark when you do price negotiations.

Monitor the No Claim Bonuses during the last 2 to 3 years – It’s vital as repeated claims could indicate the recurrent accidents are necessitating filing and maintenance of the vehicle.

Transfer the auto insurance policy of the seller in your name or purchase a brand newpolicyno more than 14 days from the date of transfer - Not doing this couldcause the rejection of your insurance claim in the event of any mishap or accident. 

Documents required

  • Evidence of the car’s sale

  • Proof of the delivery of the vehicle to the buyer

  • The pristine RC book that has been issued in the name of the buyer

  • The seller’s request for the termination of the policy

  • The application of the buyer for the policy’s transfer 

The buyer must also consider the possibilities of a modification of the car. Can it be converted to a dual-fuel auto? Can the buyer choose upgrades that help with more comfort, security, and worth? While the older vehicles could be cheap, they have fewer possibilities of an update. A comparatively new model is desirable, particularly if it has a reasonable price.