Methods of product promotion for drop-shippers

  • 1 year ago

If you are new or prospective drop-shipper and are looking at ways to increase your sales, there are several questions you have to be asking yourself such as “Who is my audience?” “Where do I get most of my sales from,” “What can I improve to grab the attention of my audience?” For those of you that don’t know what drop-shipping is, it is a relatively new development that allows a goods sales store to feign availability of stock for a customer, leading to them making a purchase. 

After the purchase has been made, once the retailer knows the demand for the product he poses as a distributor for, he then purchases the same goods by the same amount of initial purchase at a price that is lower than the price that they sell it for. But the difference in price cannot be too big, as they have to be able to pick up customers that aren’t gullible enough to pay prices that are much more than what the product is actually worth. But sometimes when you just start, it is very difficult to get sales initially. Once that initial few sales are made, then word of mouth can take care of the rest, but the first purchase is the most difficult to attain, as you are a stranger to all customers and they do not know if you are a credible seller or not.

For this reason, one must find ways of effectively promoting your service so that the initial traffic can be taken care of. There are several methods through which one can boost their sales, but before doing so the seller must know how to strategically do so in order to reduce money and resource wastage on fruitless ventures. The purpose of this article is to serve as a comprehensive guide to efficiently promote your drop-shipping service in such a way that you would be able to minimize costs and maximize sales. Some methods to try are as follows:




Having a social media presence:

If you establish a presence on social media such as Instagram™, Facebook™ and LinkedIn™, You are more likely to be seen by the public, hence giving you sales. This also has the added benefit of making your business seem legitimate and formal, which gives you a better chance at getting sales.

Paying for advertisements:

If you are willing to spend some money as an investment into your business, you can always sponsor an advertisement on Facebook that will possibly be seen by thousands if not millions of people. This is another great way to ensure that your service is known to the general public.

Make your initial sales zero profit:

In order to get interested customers, one thing that you can do is to initially sell at the price that you buy from your retailers for. This way, you will get traffic to your service as it is the cheapest, after which you can increase your prices to make profits.

These are three ways in which one can promote their drop-shipping service. Many more ways exist such as buying advertisement slots or posters, but these are the cheapest and most effective methods to get those initial sales.