People In Melbourne Are Buying Whipped Cream Chargers and Dispensers

  • 1 year ago

People In Melbourne Are Buying Whipped Cream Chargers (Nangs) & Whipped Cream Dispensers With Delivery After Hours

Whipped cream dispensers and Cream chargers (also known as Nangs) are being delivered to people doors all around Melbourne Victoria at all time of the day and night. 

Whipped cream dispensers and cream chargers (Nangs) are used to whip thickened cream into fluffy whipped cream for use on desserts, cakes, coffee and a wide range of other food products. 

Why use a whipped cream dispenser with cream chargers?

Using a whipped cream dispenser with nitrous oxide cream chargers is an easier way to whip cream and requires no training and very little skill or experience to make perfectly whipped cream. Another benefit is that whipping cream with nitrous oxide cream canisters expands the cream up to 4 times that or unwhipped cream and about double the volume of cream that has been whipped by hand or an electric beater. 




Why Are People Getting Nang Delivery in Melbourne?

In addition to many of the shops such as bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops etc.. being closed and social distancing measures introduced by the Government, people are getting their nangs delivered because of the convenience. There are online shops that not only sell cream whipping equipment but also provide Nang Weekend and After Hours Delivery services to Melbourne suburbs. 

Is whipped cream bad for you?

You might be thinking, why are people eating whipped cream, isn’t it bad for you? Not really, cream is high in fat so you should not eat it in large quantities. Actually, whipping cream can help you eat less of it because the volume of whipped cream is four times the volume of unwhipped cream so if you eat the same volume you are eating four times less. Whipping cream can help people control the portion size and amount of cream that they eat. 

Can other things aside from cream be whipped with nitrous oxide in a whipped cream dispenser?

Yes, a range of food products can be whipped in a whipped cream dispenser, this includes mouses, souces, soups, batters (e.g. pan cakes/ flapjacks), espuma, a range of cocktails and other drinks. A whipper is a great way to make something a bit different and species. You can find a large number of recipes that use whipping or foaming using a whipped cream dispenser and nitrous oxide cream chargers.

Is cream whipped with nitrous oxide edible and safe for human consumption? 

Yes, the nitrous oxide in high-quality cream charger canisters is pure food grade N2O. It is suitable for human consumption in food. 

Why is nitrous oxide used for whipping cream?

Nitrous oxide is used for whipping cream because it readily dissolves in cream fat when it is under pressure in a whipped cream dispenser. When the cream with nitrous oxide comes out of the dispenser it goes from being under high pressure to normal room pressure and the nitrous oxide gas that is inside the cream fat expands and fluffs up the cream.