Simple Tips to Ace IELTS Essay Writing Task

  • 1 year ago

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By understanding the question that half the problem can be overcome. It is important to pay attention to all the issues mentioned in the question. Look carefully at the question first then identify the type of question - whether it is a discussion, an opinion, a solution to a problem, or a mixture. Identify the keywords and briefly understand what the examiner expects in the essay. Avoid writing on general titles, or you won't score more than 5 bands.

Map Out Your Ideas

Before you start writing, take the first 5 minutes to keep different ideas in mind. Take a pencil and describe several different aspects and perspectives on a particular issue of the essay. The test taker scores more if he plans and puts his ideas in the right paradigm. 

Be Familiarized With the Common Topics

IELTS Tutorials, one of the leading institutes for IELTS coaching, provides you with several IELTS writing exercises to familiarize you with test patterns, model questions, etc. which will help your words to develop further ideas. Also, try to read more of the newspapers that keep you updated as your surroundings continue. 

Ask Yourself Questions

Another way to sharpen ideas is to create more ideas on why / what / where / how / how to ask questions while reading the essay. When you ask yourself these questions, you will be able to think more clearly and thus generate more ideas.

Employ Your Personal Opinion

The most effective way to write a good essay is to include your personal opinion in the essay. Just imagine the cage. That your friend asked a question in the title of the essay, and then summarized your piece as if you were expressing your thoughts on what you believe. Also, try to use relevant examples and illustrations to make the essay clearer. So, finally, remember that there will be no other mountain to climb the IELTS Writing Task 7 + score, if you think and understand well the requirements of this essay.

Manage Your Time

Since the test is scheduled, the IELTS essay writing task must be completed on time, within 40 minutes. Therefore, you need to develop proper time management skills before taking the IELTS exam.

Make Paragraphs

Many candidates do not use paragraphs when writing an essay or essay. They clearly explain the whole subject in just one paragraph. But, doing so in the IELTS Essay Writing Task will get you numbers. Divide your ideas into different paragraphs. 

Complete Your Answer

To finish this job before the time runs out, many candidates leave the answers incomplete. As a result, it will give your essay a bad rating. Therefore, instead of writing bullet points or short sentences, you should arrange each point in a separate paragraph with two to three lines of explanation.

Know Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation

Using proper grammar, spelling correctly, and putting the correct punctuation marks in the right places play an important role in IELTS Writing Task 2. You need to be extra careful in this regard. Even a small mistake will directly lower your score. Thus, the first step in ensuring success is valuable.