The Most In-demand Neighbourhoods in Kansas City In the Last Two Years

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 Kansas City
Kansas City

If you want to sell your house quickly in Kansas City, you will need a good realtor. Yes, we just hit you with one massive cliche. Here is another one. If you live in one of the top and upcoming neighborhoods, you will be able to sell it even faster for top dollars.

So, if you live in Kansas City, you've probably heard of these neighborhoods, or you might be a resident in one of them. If you own a house in one of these neighborhoods, you can consider yourself pretty lucky as property prices are soaring because of the ongoing demand. 

#1 Parkville

Clean, quiet, and inviting- that's how most folks describe this up-and-coming neighborhood. Parksville is considered one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Kansas City, considering the excellent schools, parks, playgrounds, mom-and-pop shops, and pretty much anything that a family with kids would ever need. There are also some colorful coffee shops and excellent restaurants in the area where adults can enjoy their downtime as well. 

#2 Platte City

Platte City has the charm of a small town with many single-family homes featuring massive yards. Some of the houses in Platte City are even beyond the city limits, but that’s just an administrative type of thing. It doesn’t make any difference to the people that live there. There are a bit less than 5,000 residents living in this growing neighborhood. There are many similarities between Parkville and Platte City, but the most important ones are the low crime rate and the excellent school. Due to that, many families like to live there. 

#3 Scarritt Renaissance

Scarritt Renaissance is a neighborhood that is in the midst of a massive rejuvenation. Its antique architecture is beautifully preserved and only increases the appeal of the area along with the new buildings and infrastructure that are put in place. Residents of Scarritt Renaissance are immensely proud of their hundred-acre park, which means a lot of hiking opportunities practically at your doorstep. It's even more appealing that one can find budget-friendly homes in this area. 

#4 River Market

River Market is a riverfront neighborhood that hosts the largest open-air farmer’s market in the entire midwest. It is a neighborhood with a rich historical heritage that is in perfect blend with modern buildings. There is an excellent selection of coffee shops, restaurants, and shops. During the weekends there are all sorts of cultural events and other entertainment. The only downside is that there are huge hordes of tourists during the weekends and it can get really noisy. 

#5 Smithville

Smithville is known for its lake with its two beaches, roomy houses with big backyards, biking and walking trails, golf courses, campsites, and excellent infrastructure. There is still a lot of development in the area, and apparently, there is more coming in the near future. Property prices are constantly on the rise in the last few years in this up-and-coming neighborhood. 

Kansas City Real Estates  Market & Investment Overview 2020

The Kansas City market is extremely hot and in some route of the envy  housing on both coasts. Instead of the COVID pandemic envirment many people unemployed and impaired lack interested in buying and selling houses, the Kansas City housing prices are high to low. supported the FHFA all-transactions house price categories typical home value within the Kansas City, MSA within the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2020 rose by 4.48percent compared to an equivalent quarter in 2019.

Home sale in the area of the Kansas City area totalled 4,131units in August, down 2.8 percent from  Year-to-date, 27,425 home has sold, down from 27,713 over an equivalent period in 2019. The sales price of a home within the metro cities also continues to rise and sellers are still buying more for his or her houses than they did this point last year. 

The typical price of homes sold in August was $284,489, compared to $253,091 in August 2019. The home that sold in August were in the market a mean of 38 days and sold for 99.45 percent of their original asking prices, consistent with the info released by the Kansas City Regional places Association of Realtors.
The Kansas City land markets were already competitives before the coronavirus, In Kansas City home prices demand rising faster than most U.S.  other cities. a scarcity of inventory

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