Vacuuming Mistakes You Need to Know

  • 8 years   ago
Vacuuming Mistakes You Need to Know

Whilst using a vacuum is not necessarily rocket science, there are common mistakes many people make that hinder them from optimally utilizing their vacuum cleaners to ensure their homes are as clean as possible. Here is a look at some of the most common vacuuming mistakes that users, including seasoned ones, generally make when using vacuums.

Emptying bag only when it is full

While vacuum cleaners have a mechanism, “check bag”, that will indicate if the bags are almost full and need emptying, you don’t have to wait for the indicator light in order to do it. If you have been vacuuming for quite some time and have not yet seen the indicator, you can check the bag yourself to ascertain whether it is almost full. If it is at least three-quarters full, empty it. If you are using a bag-less vacuum, remember that these, too, have dust cups.

Failing to use vacuum in both directions

Vacuuming in only one direction may mean that you are leaving behind a lot of dust. When vacuuming, do it in all directions: north, south, east and west to ensure you get rid of every trace of dust particles.

Vacuuming too quickly

Perhaps one of the reasons why you purchased your vacuum cleaner was so that you could make easy work of household chores and clean as quickly as possible. However, don’t be too quick, otherwise you may end up leaving behind a lot of dust. When vacuuming, take time so that you can get rid of as much dirt as possible. Vacuuming slowly not only allows you to collect as much dust and dirt as possible, it also enables to utilize the brushroll of the vacuum more effectively in carpets as it reaches embedded dirt hidden inside your carpets.

Failing to use vacuum attachments

Using vacuuming tools, such as crevice tool and brushes, when you are vacuuming ensure that you get the best result possible. You will be able to easily accomplish above-the-floor cleaning, getting out as many allergens as possible and also clean some of the areas that you would typically overlook such as light fixtures, accessories and lampshades among others.

Failing to adjust height

There are reasons why vacuums are adjustable. Flooring in homes is not uniform and what works best on carpeting will not necessarily do on laminate flooring. There are vacuums that will execute automatic adjustment but if yours doesn’t, don’t forget to adjust. You will be surprised with the difference that it makes in the quality of the cleaning.

Using a dirty filter

If your HEPA filters are clogged, they will not be as effective in getting rid of the allergens. Change the HEPA filters at least once every 6 months so as to ensure better efficiency in getting rid of the allergens in your home. You can get information on the best HEPA filter recommendations from the manufacturer’s manual.

Waiting until your carpet is dirty

Instead of waiting until the carpet is dirty, it is important to have a fixed schedule for vacuuming your carpets. Dust and dirt will begin building up on your carpet fibres almost immediately after the last vacuuming and they will not be easily visible until they have piled up. This will cause allergies and breathing problems even though your carpet and upholstery apparently look clean. Vacuum at least three times a week to ensure your home is always clean, even at the “microscopic” level.

If you are making any of these mistakes, it is time to update your vacuum usage routine so as to see better results next time.