Holy Month of Ramadan: Do's and Don'ts for Non-Muslims

  • 2 years   ago
Holy Month of Ramadan: Do's and Don'ts for Non-Muslims

There are a few practices for Non-Muslims in Qatar that are to be followed religiously. The sacred month of Ramadan is probably going to start on May 27th, 2017, which implies fasting as the sun rises till the time the sun sets. While non-Muslims are for the most part very much aware of the customs to be followed on amid Ramadan, here are some tips they ought to remember: 

1.Respect those who are fasting: Try not to eat or drink out in the open during fasting hours. Most Muslims fast during Ramadan (exceptions incorporate pregnant ladies, elderly individuals, somebody who is unwell) and still go for work with a similar devotion. It's, along these lines, imperative to respect the individuals who are fasting and abstain from eating or drinking openly. 

2. Avoid work lunches: Individuals who are fasting will be open for meeting colleagues outside office for work purposes. They will even be sufficiently polite to engage you in the event that you coincidentally welcome them for a work lunch, however they may not eat anything. Hence, avoid work lunches as much as possible.


3. Do not refuse the invite for Iftar:  Iftar is the feast Muslims have after ending the day long fast for that specific day. Thus, in the event that a non-Muslim is invited by a Muslim friend for Iftar, invitation should be accepted. 

4. Try to understand and offer help: In the event that a friend or colleague is fasting, understand that they can be low on energy, offer help if needed. Fasting for an entire day is difficult. Regardless of the possibility that a person eats and hydrate himself during the evening and early morning, the body will soon run out of energy during the day. 

5. Try not to advise your Muslim friends for weightless: Ramadan is not about fasting to get in shape, please don’t advise your friends for the same. It's about showing yourself discipline. It's about abstinence, about keeping yourself pious. There's nothing wrong in fasting as a non-Muslim. For Muslims fasting in the month of Ramadan is a way to seek peace, wisdom by the way of fasting.