Qatar's Ramadan Iftar Cannon : Keeping the tradition alive!

  • 2 years   ago
Qatar's Ramadan Iftar Cannon  : Keeping the tradition alive!

Ramadan is a time that joins Muslims around the globe, with networks in each nation embracing comparable every day schedules of fasting, trailed by Iftar and afterward Suhoor – with philanthropy, supplication and time with their family, all assuming a significant job. Ramadan has numerous rich conventions which bolster Muslims in their fasting, created over numerous hundreds of years. They inspire an exceptionally uncommon otherworldly time, and frequently trigger sentimentality and feeling. 

In this period of computerized reliance and urbanization, numerous customs still pull in individuals arousing their sentimentality of the previous days when life was basic and direct and the Ramadan gun is among those conventions. 

The terminating of the Ramadan gun is one of those excellent customs in Qatar and different pieces of the Islamic world. Generally, guns were utilized to declare consummation of Suhoor and breaking of quick some time before when amplifiers just as other computerized gadgets were not all that normal to carry out a similar responsibility. 

In this age when we can essentially download an application on our cell phones to realize when to break our quick, gun is as yet utilized amid Ramadan in Qatar, however it never again fills its primary need but instead is a symbolic custom. 

"The job of gun today when contrasted with the past has changed a great deal. In the past all territories and urban areas where the guns were introduced, relied on them either for Iftar or Suhoor. Today, nobody relies upon them. There are TV channels, there are mosques' amplifiers and numerous different methods.