The Qatar Ramadan Time table for 2019

  • 2 years   ago
The Qatar Ramadan Time table for 2019
  • Ramadan is considered as the holiest month of all the month for Muslims all over the world. The Muslims prevent themselves from eating and drinking during the sunlit hours as it would help them to learn gratitude, self-control, and empathy for those people who are sick and needy.

  • The month of Ramadan is solid and spiritual and focuses on concentration and devotion to Allah; during this time Muslims spend time reading their holy book Quran and recite special prayers. 

  • Commencement of Ramadan in 2019

  • Ramadan normally commences and ends based on the shape of the first semi-circle of the new moon.

  • This year, Ramadan will start on 5th May, and all the Muslims across the world will examine for the new moon or follow the astronomically calculated dates.

  • What is the purpose and length of fasting?

  • The fasting period is eleven to 16 hours for 30 days or a month. You are not allowed to eat and drink anything during the fasting period.

  • The purpose of Ramadan is to teach yourself to be spiritually and physically concealing and remain at a distance from negativity like backbiting, abusing, cursing, and being untruthful. During this month the Muslims give themselves a chance to improve their bad habits and purify their mind and soul.

  • The month of Ramadan also brings each other closer as the Muslims invites each other to break the fast together and pray later at the Mosques.

  • Do’s and don’ts during Ramadan.

  • You should not fast during Ramadan if you are suffering from health issues.

  • If you are not suffering from any health issues and have touched your boundary of teenage life, then you must fast during the holiest month of Ramadan.

  • Those who are suffering from health issues should practice fidiya during Ramadan period which means feeding a person whenever you miss your fast.

  • For women who are in the state of post-childbirth bleeding or periods, breastfeeding, it is not compulsory for you to fast during this period, but you will have to make them up after that.

  • Do not swallow the water during a bath or cleaning your mouth.

The Qatar Ramadan Time table for 2019

Here is complete calendar for Ramadan in Qatar citizens, we have confirmed this information.