HVAC Mobile Apps That Every Technician Needs To Have

  • 2 years   ago
HVAC Mobile Apps That Every Technician Needs To Have



Mobile apps are used for everything today and if you are an HVAC technician your job is no exception. There are numerous apps for your mobile phone that are very useful and even indispensable for doing your job. So here are the mobile apps every HVAC technician needs.

1. HVAC Buddy (IOS and Android)

HVAC Buddy is an excellent app for both IOS and Android that will help you in diagnosing and determining correct refrigeration settings. Its user-friendly instructions make it easy to use you for the beginner. It is the perfect app for finding the problem and correct solution for an HVAC system.

2. iHandy Level (IOS and Android)

iHandy Level is an excellent app for both IOS and Android. It replaces a bulky physical level for checking to ensure that a unit has been leveled. It saves the trouble of having to carry an extra piece of equipment.

3. HVAC Tech Terminology (IOS)

HVAC Tech Terminology is an excellent app for Learning and checking HVAC terms. This one is only available for IOS, but it is quite useful with over 700 terms. If you are just starting out or want a handy reference, this app is for you.

4. HVAC Duct Sizer (IOS)

HVAC Duct Sizer is a handy tool for IOS that quickly determines the size of air ducts. It also calculates airflow, air velocity and losses due to friction. It is a great tool for finding the right duct size for your work.


5. HVAC Check & Charge (IOS and Android)

HVAC Check & Charge is an app for both IOS and Android that is an on site refrigerant charging calculator. It contains an airflow calculator, superheat calculator and subcooling calculator. Things will help you efficiently calculate how much refrigerant is needed.

6. HyTools (IOS and Android)

HyTools is an app for IOS and Android that hydronic calculations. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use and quick to learn. Its other functions include pipe sizing, radiator power estimation, and unit conversion.

7. iManifold (IOS and Android)

iManifold an HVAC troubleshooting app for IOS and Android. It can be used to determine HVAC/R system performance and processes. It also provides you with access to system profiles, equipment information, and troubleshooting guides. Besides this, it is customizable for your use.

8. Refrigerant PressTemp HVACR (IOS)

Refrigerant PressTemp HVACR is a refrigerant reference app for IOS. It has information are all common refrigerants and it's updated frequently to keep it up to date with new ones. Is a refrigerant reference guide that any HVAC technician will find useful.

9. Temp Chart (IOS)

Temp is Chart temperature to electric resistance app for IOS. This is one of the first apps you should get because it makes it easy to convert temperature to electric resistance. Furthermore, it works with temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius making you universally useful.

10. Refrigerant Slider (IOS and Android)

Refrigerant Slider is a refrigerant pressure-to-temperature conversion app for IOS and Android. It has sixty-nine different refrigerants in its database which includes both artificial and natural refrigerants. This app works with both English and metric units making it useful almost anywhere.

11. Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist (IOS and Android)

Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist is a parts and tools app for IOS and Android. It helps you to find the best parts and tools for the job. Its features include real-time availability of the tools and parts you need.

12. Carrier Enterprise HVAC Assis (IOS and AndroidI

Carrier Enterprise HVAC Assis is an IOS and Android app for Carrier products. It is an indispensable tool for any technician that works on Carrier products. Its features include real-time pricing information, warranty information on existing units and order tracking.

13. Test and Balance/Commissioning Calculator (IOS and Android)

Test and Balance/Commissioning Calculator mechanical engineer app for IOS and Android. It contains the mathematical formulas in calculation tools for variety calculations important to an HVAC technician. This makes it an important tool in the technician's arsenal.

14. HVAC Load Plus (IOS)

HVAC Load Plus is the perfect IOS app for calculating the heating and cooling unit sizes for a building. It contains weather data for over a thousand cities and data over a hundred different kinds of construction. 15. Duct Calc Elite (IOS and Android)
Duct Calc Elite is a ductwork sizing app for IOS and Android. It helps you to find the optimum air duct size for a building. This allows you to optimize the effectiveness of their new HVAC system.

16. Bluon Tech

Bluon Energy has an application that assists the tech in monitoring the services that they have offered to the customer. It is support for HVAC techs that are installing an HVAC system.

17. Housecall Pro (IOS and Android)

Housecall Pro is a field service management app for IOS and Android. It is a one-stop app for everything you need for an HVAC house call. This includes everything from dispatching the technician, getting paid by the client.

18. HVAC Equipment Locator (IOS and Android)

HVAC Equipment Locator is an IOS and Android app for keeping track of the Occasion and maintenance of HVAC systems you have installed, GPS data is used to determine the location of every piece of installed equipment making it easy to find later.

19. HVAC Toolkit (IOS and Android)

HVAC Toolkit an app for IOS and Android they combine several other apps into one. It contains apps like HVAC Equipment Locator, HVAC Refrigerant Charge, HVAC Duct Sizer, and much more. The combination of these apps into one unit makes it convenient.

20. Contractor Estimate & Invoice (IOS and Android)

Contractor Estimate & Invoice is an app for IOS and Android that allows a technician to produce estimates and invoices in the field. This speeds up the process of getting the work done and getting paid. It makes the entire process more efficient.

These are just some of the apps that are helpful to HVAC technicians in doing their jobs. They not only help the technicians they have the company as well. Finding the best combination of apps to suit your needs will make you more efficient and more of an asset to the company.