Best Places To Go Off-Roading In Qatar

  • 3 years   ago
All the citizens and residents in Qatar knowns very well how off-road trips are an essential culture and traditional followed in the country. 
Off-road driving trips are fun and exciting activity many individuals prefer while residing in this part of the world where many sand, gravel, mud, rocks and riverbeds can be witnessed.
With the four wheelers, it makes it more exciting and fun for those passionate about long-drive to get into this adventure of exploring some of the best views in Qatar.
Given the adventurous and challenging trip as it may sound, it is not an easy task to go on this journey but could be more thrilling to be a part of it.
With the Eid holidays soon approaching, get onto the roads and explore some of the best places for a long journey.
To ensure you get the best off-roading trip in Qatar, we have curated some of the best places for you to hit the road.
1. Umm Bab
Located in the municipality of Al-Shahaniya in western Qatar, the area is famous for Al Kharaij Beach, which is also called as the ‘Palm Tree Beach’.
In addition to housing Qatar’s first non-oil related industry in the form of a cement processing facility, minor oil and gas separation facilities can also be seen.
This being said, Umm Bab is one of the best places in the country for a fun-filled long drive to discover the ancient historical place with your family or friends.
2. Al Khor
The city of Al Khor is one of the most visited tourist place outside Doha by both residents and tourists.
Over the years tourism has increased rapidly with many tourist sites such as Al Khor beaches, Al Khor garden and many more intriguing sites to explore.
Therefore, Al Khor city is definitely an ideal place for off-road trips to discover and visit the historical and beautiful sites of the city.
3. Zekreet
Zekreet is a village that houses many construction of a harbor for oil equipment and numerous other small houses, which eventually was built into a village since 1940.
Time and over, many visitors can be seen visiting the places like the Zakreet fort during their off-road trips.
Housing varieties of sites to explore, Zekreet is a great option to pay a visit if long journeys fascinates you.
4. Inland Sea
Inland Sea also known as Khawr al Udayd is yet another destination for beach lovers and long-drive-fanatics to go for off-road trips.
Currently, Inland sea is known as one of the biggest tourist spots with its features and breath-taking scenes. 
The land was declared a natural reserve in 2007 and is acclaimed to be the best places for individuals wishing for a long trip.
5. Simaisma 
A small seaside town located at the eastern cost of Qatar, Simaisma offers some of the greatest features which makes your trip worth-while.
Many tourist attractions includes the beaches, parks, resort and youth centre giving a wide range of opportunities for the explorers to enjoy and have some quality time.
With just 30 km north of the capital city Doha, Simaisma would be a good option for those wishing for fun-filled off-road trips and can get back to their homes before late night. 
Which of these destinations are in your mind for some amazing off-road trips? Let us know in the comments below.