Where To Go Fishing in Qatar?

  • 3 years   ago

One of the most considered leisure things for both the citizens and residents in Qatar is certainly fishing as there are many in the country intrigued with this relishing activity.

Especially in beaches and islands, one can see people often coming to these beautiful spots to for the sake of trawling as this is more than entertaining activity done in Qatar.

With mesmerising and breath-taking places, Qatar is luring a lot of individuals residing in the country in addition to tourists to be a part of various activities including fishing.

From the marine fishes to the amphibians, everything has made Qatar an attractive country to visit.

Here are the top 5 places if you’re wondering where to go fishing in Qatar.

1. Doha Main Navigation Channel

The spot is one of the most crucial route channels that can also be used for beach fishing in Qatar.

The sea spotted in Doha Main Navigation Channel is often crowded, protecting it from huge vessels, especially from Qatar Navy, holder ships, and other private vessels.

It wouldn’t take much time to reach and flip the small crafts as it results in being the best boat in ensuring that the huge vessels wont be interrupted.

2. Halat Umm al Khayfan

Halat Umm al Khayfan is one of the safest places to do fishing as Halat Umm al Khayfan is located at the east of Al Wakrah.

To make the place more amusing, a Rubble Tower Lighthouse is also located in the middle of the beach making it an interesting spot for fishing.

The Lighhouse is in the middle of a shallow water pool that gives immense opportunity for a perfect fishing atmosphere. 

3. Banana Island

Apart from being a popular fishing spot, Banana Island is a luxurious resort, which attracts all the tourists in the country.

Distant with few miles from Doha city, the island is not all about the enjoyable and tranquil-filled environment, but also offers the best experience with regards to fishing activity that draws the attention of the visitors.

Banana Island simply redefines luxury, and has people with an embracing heart, which is an ideal staycation place for an individual with their loved ones in addition to planning for a fishing trip in the country.


4. Al Safliya Island

One of the prominent destinations for a great fishing experience, is located near the southern end of Pearl Qatar at Al Salfliya Island. 

Featuring shallow water at Al Safliya Island, it lures people in revisiting the beautiful place again for leisure activities including fishing.

Since there are no emergency facilities available, ensure to bring own tools and equipment for this fun trip.

5. Al Aaliya Island

Spreading to an area of approximately 2 km lies Al Aaliya Island, which is a home to many birds and fishes in the country.

The Island is located near the northern region of The Pearl and is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the country. 

The unique brown sand of the island makes it a very popular place in itself that you can explore to admire the enticing coastline of the gulf region, where many flamingos can also be spotted.