Solution to the Coronavirus Problem

  • 4 years   ago
Solution to the Coronavirus Problem

The world is waiting patiently in their homes for a vaccine that will defeat Coronavirus. Both the public and the private sector with a successful history of vaccinology are working together under The World Health Organization (WHO) to come up with an effective vaccine fight the pandemic. 

The WHO's experienced programme has made sure the deployment of quality-assured, safe and effective vaccines to dozens of countries across the world. The Pharmaceutical Industry is working on the medicines required since the pandemic broke. The ultimate aim is to meet the WHO's standard requirement of safety, effectiveness and quality giving confidence to the countries purchasing them.

 Although the reports are flooding about finding a successful solution to the Pandemic Problem are a sign of assurance that the soon to be a relief is around the corner. As the coronavirus cases are rising, Countries are racing to be the first to discover its vaccine.

Countries like Russia believe that they have found a breakthrough in the field of medicine. The country announced on Wednesday that the participants in the trial had been discharged from the hospital after receiving a vaccine with no adverse effect of the disease. 

In the United States of America, the country with the largest number of cases and deaths in the world, the pharmaceutical companies have entered in the third stage of its trial and the tests have been showing incredible results according to WHO. 


In the United Kingdom, two vaccines are currently developed. One developed by the University of Oxford has reached in phase 3 of its trial while the other by Imperial College is still its Phase 1. 

The University of Queensland in Australia has developed a vaccine that has entered its phase 1 of trial where scientists are checking the dosages and side effects. Preliminary effects will be recorded after three months of the initial trial.

The biopharmaceutical company, Sinovac in China has completed its phase 3 of trial and the vaccine has now been sent to Brazil National Regulatory Agency for its clinical trial. 

Making Vaccine normally takes years of research but scientists are estimating up to 12- 18 months to develop one for COVID-19 due to the world crisis. The global infection has now reached a peak of 13.4 million.