Outdoor Library Converted into Mini-food Bank in Response to Coronavirus Fears

  • 2 years   ago
Concerned citizen converted outdoor library into food bank to share food to neighbors

A resident said the miniature food bank could help to ‘lift spirits’ during the coronavirus outbreak.





An outdoor library was converted into a miniature food bank by residents in Huntsville, Alabama, in an attempt to help the community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reddit user Zachary Pruitt posted a photo of the bank, which was filled with essentials like toilet paper and tinned food, calling the act of kindness “great to see”.


Mr Pruitt told the PA news agency: “It popped up over the weekend. It typically holds books for kids in the neighbourhood to read, but was converted into a food and supply bank by some of my neighbours.”

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Mr Pruitt told PA: “It was great to see, given the ongoing uncertainty and the general level of fear going around.

“It is still nearly impossible to get a Covid-19 test here, so having something optimistic to lift spirits is nice.

“I’m glad this little act of community could be an encouragement to others at a time like this.”

Source: Express & Star