Keanu Reeves Voted Tenth Most Admired Man On The Planet

  • 2 years   ago
Keanu Reeves Voted Tenth Most Admired Man On The Planet

You may have noticed we at Qatar Day simply love Keanu Reeves, and it turns out the rest of the world do too after the actor was voted the tenth most admired man on the planet.

The John Wick actor beat the likes of sporting legends Lionel Messi and Michael Jordan and even bested Pope Francis to bag a top 10 spot.

The list of admired men comes after YouGov conducted a study where more than 45,000 people in 42 countries and territories were interviewed to create the list.

YouGov started compiling the lists back in 2014, and this year’s has been its biggest yet.

For many it’s not the first time on the the list, but this year sees Reeves’ debut.

The Obama family have done pretty well this year with former President Barack Obama bagging the top spot on the men’s list and First Lady Michelle Obama also coming up top in the top 10 most admired women’s list.


Obama was followed by Angelina Jolie; Queen Elizabeth II; Oprah Winfrey and Love Don’t Cost a Thing singer Jennifer Lopez.

Ellen DeGeneres found herself moving five places down the ranks and only just making the top 20 in this year’s list. It was inevitable people’s opinions of her were going to change with all the recent rumours regarding the ‘toxic working environment’ at The Ellen DeGeneres show.

Leaders in tech, sport, politics and even religion featured in the top 10, but as we all know, there’s only one Keanu.

See the full list below.