How to make a plant grow faster?

  • 1 year ago

What happens when you take an iron-deficient diet? Probably, you end up having anemia, a condition in which you have low blood cells. Similarly, if you’re not providing the right nutrients to your plants, they’ll end up being unhealthy. 

If you want to take your plants from seedlings to blossoms within a few days, you’ll have to give it the proper gear, which not only include sufficient food but light, water, and fertilizers. 

Five steps to make your plants grow faster

Here are a few tips that will help grow your plants faster than ever. 

Treat the soil with the right nutrients

Soil is the main thing your plant grows in! If you don’t treat your soil with a balance of nutrients, your plants won’t get their appropriate food, and ultimately not grow faster. Healthy plants not only need nutrients but hydro nutrients, which include nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, and many more.

Add fertilizers to fasten the growth

If you want your plants to increase, fertilizers are the magical water to your plants. They not only provide essential nutrients like nitrogen to the plants but make the soil work better. There are two types of fertilizers, mainly; organic and inorganic. 

Organic fertilizers are natural products that work slowly, while inorganic fertilizers are artificial and produce quick results. However, organic fertilizers are more productive in a way that they won’t harm your plants at any cost. Some of the best organic fertilizers include Coffee grounds, Manure, and Compost pile.

Try uncommon methods

You may use some unconventional methods to make your plants grow faster. Here are some of the remedies which may be beneficial for your plants.

Banana peels are known to have much calcium in them. Chop the banana peels and add it to the soil to make it rich in calc.

If you have a fish pot at home, don’t throw the old water inside it when it’s time to refresh it. Instead, pour that in your ornamental plants, you’ll notice faster blooms in your garden.

Used tea leaves another natural fertilizer for your plant soil. Sprinkle it over your plant’s soil to nourish them with nitrogen, calcium, and potash.

You throw those eggshells in the bin, assuming it’s of no use. But you don’t even know how much calcium they have in them. Stop your tomatoes plant from getting plagued by adding chopped eggshells.

Provide them sufficient light

Sunlight is another important factor when it comes to planting growth. Some of the plants need more light, while some need lesser light to grow properly. To cope up with this issue, you have to choose the right location to place your plants. 

If you place the plants that have a love relationship with sunlight directly where the light pops, your plants will grow faster. But if you place the ones that hate light directly in sunlight, they’ll burn.



Can we grow plants without soil?

Yes, you can grow plants without soil in the water; this is known as a hydroponic growth system, which is 30-50% faster than the soil growth system. However, this system needs more hydro nutrients, as there is no soil to provide the essential nutrients.