ThePlace: Jabal Abyad, the tallest volcano in Saudi Arabia

  • 7 months   ago
ThePlace: Jabal Abyad, the tallest volcano in Saudi Arabia

Jabal Abyad, located in Harrat Khyber, Madinah region, stands at a 2,093 meters, making it the tallest volcano in Saudi Arabia. Its name translates to ‘white mountain’ after the distinctive white ash that coats it.

From an observer’s point of view, it can look like snow, but the white substance is volcanic ash called comendite that is a residue of felsic lava rich with silica. An image of Harrat Khyber captured from a satellite received attention because of its spectacular layout that mimics the cratered surface of the moon. Harrat Khyber is home to both black and white volcanoes.


To explore the dormant volcano, visitors will need to strengthen their wills as the terrain is difficult to cross and requires certain equipment and tough vehicles. Tourists who have traveled there say that it is better to move on foot rather than drive. However, because of the difficulty of the walk, only a small number of visitors travel to the area, making it a peaceful experience for those that do.