Top 5 Food Trucks You Have to Try in Qatar

  • 5 months   ago
Qatar is home to one of the finest dining options as numerous food trucks can be explored in this Middle Eastern region. 
A lot of restaurants and coffee shops in four-wheel trucks are available in different parts of the country.
Here are the top 5 Food Trucks enlisted to make sure you get a variety of palatable cuisines at a cheaper rate:
1. Aspire
Aspire is literally home to one of the finest dining options as many people across the country come for a great time of dine-in. 
There are many food trucks available near Khalifa International Stadium and in Aspire Park.
Closer to the entrance of the stadium, you can see Exit55, Poffertjes, Churros Spot, Trent, Plus Specialty Coffee, 1582, Charger Cafe and many others. 
If you enter the Aspire Park, you can also explore many double-decker bus of Baker St. and other coffee shops that gives you amusing moments while visiting the park. 
2. Sealine
Situated at the sealine beach road, you will get to see many food trucks on your way to explore and see the real taste of street food.
However, most of them are closed during weekdays with the exception of a few ones like TeaTime.
3. The Pearl
If you come to this totally different-looking-world in Qatar, many food trucks can be seen to await customers.
Some of the products that are available includes coffee shops, shawarma, and places like Karak Mudeer, Pizza Rolls, PLUS specialty coffee, and Bora Bora Juice. 
4. Box Park
Box Park is one the destination was launched recently at the old Doha Port and food trucks is expected to be launched as well.
Don’t forget to visit and explore this beautiful place as they are filled with shipping containers that are recycles.
As the food truck makes a quick launch in this newest plan, you are guaranteed to enjoy food such as Chapati, Simit, Sarayi, Karak, Basta and many more. 
5. Lusail Food area
Lusial is also a promised area, where you can explore many dine-in options and food trucks on the way to visit this amazing city.
Located closer to the marina, the place gives you amazing offers and dishes for those travelling by foot or car.
Not to mention, there are food stalls out of containers, food tracks as you always wanted, restaurants, and many more coffee shops in the region.
Abocado is one of the common and popular outlets people prefer to dine-in as it serves Mexican food, Ink Café etc. 
As the Covid-19 restrictions are gradually lifting from May 28, ensure you have a safe, soothing tastes and filling stomach in the above-mentioned areas by abiding the mandatory precautionary measures to curb the spread of the deadly disease.