British Supermarkets Call for Calm and Tell Public They Have Enough Supplies Amid Coronavirus Stockpiling

  • 4 years   ago

Supermarket bosses are calling for calm and reassuring the population that there are plenty of supplies for the country amid a wave of panic-buying over the coronavirus outbreak. 



Shelves have been swept clean in many stores as people stock up on households goods, despite official Government advice telling shoppers not to do so.  

Members of the British Retail Consortium have penned a letter to consumers, urging people to work together during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A number of outlets, such as Aldi, have also placed limits on the number of each item people can buy to make sure everyone has access what they need.

Sainsbury's chief executive Mike Coupe sent an email to customers last night to reassure them about the situation.



In its letter, the BRC said retailers are currently working “round the clock” to help customers get the items they need. 

The letter aims to reassure customers, while calling on them to support each other during the crisis.

It said: “We know that many of you are worried about the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

“We want to let you know that we are doing everything we can so that you and your families have the food and essentials you need.”

The letter added: “But we need your help too. We would ask everyone to be considerate in the way they shop.

“We understand your concerns, but buying more than is needed can sometimes mean that others will be left without."

The letter added: “There is enough for everyone if we all work together. Together we can make sure we are looking out for family, friends, neighbours.

“Together we will care for those around us and those who are elderly, vulnerable or choosing to remain at home.”

Firms are working closely with the Government and suppliers, and have arranged more store deliveries to ensure shelves are stocked, the letter added.

And outlets with online delivery and click-and-collect services are running them at full capacity.

Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium, said: “Retailers are working incredibly hard to keep shops well stocked and deliveries running as smoothly as possible.

“In the face of unprecedented demand as a result of coronavirus, food retailers have come together to ask their customers to support each other to make sure everyone can get access to the products they need.”

Environment Secretary George Eustice said: “I fully support the call from British food retailers urging us all to be considerate in the way we shop and look out for our neighbours.

“By working together, our leading supermarkets have provided the reassurance there is plenty of stock available and people should buy products as they normally would.

“We are in regular contact with the food industry and retailers are continuing to monitor their supply chains and are taking all the necessary steps to ensure consumers have the food and supplies they need.”

Source: Evening Standard