Double trouble: NC woman finds 2-headed snake inside home

  • 1 year ago
Double trouble: NC woman finds 2-headed snake inside home

A North Carolina woman found double trouble inside her home this weekend -- a baby two-headed snake.

Jeannie Wilson, of Taylorsville, nicknamed the 1-foot-long reptile “Double Trouble” after she discovered it in her sunroom, WSOC-TV reported.

She told the television station that she believed Double Trouble is a rat snake.

“OK, Facebook. Anybody out there know of a place that would take Double Trouble here and care for him/her or should I turn it loose?” Wilson wrote on Facebook on Sunday. “It’s not poisonous.”

After finding the snake near an end table in her home, Wilson said she called family members, WSOC reported.


“I called my son-in-law, who wasn’t far away, and he said he’d be back,” Wilson told the television station. “I’m not crazy, guys. He’s got two heads. When he got there, he said, ‘He does have two heads, don’t he?’”

According to officials at the Catawba Science Center in Hickory, the odds of a two-headed rat snake are 1 in 100,000.

Wilson wrote on Facebook that she tried to call the Science Center, but added it was closed until Thursday. However, officials accommodated Wilson, and Double Trouble in now at the Science Center, where it will be used in it programs for school-age children, WSOC reported.