Expat visa ban extended in Oman

  • 2 years   ago
Expat visa ban extended in Oman
Ministry of Manpower has extended by another six months its decision to not issue new visas for workers. Photo for illustration purpose only

The Ministry of Manpower has reached out by an additional a half year its choice to not issue new visas for laborers in certain callings in the private area. 

Unmistakable among them incorporate visas for deals and advertising experts and acquisition delegates. 

Suspension of grant 

In an announcement issued on Sunday, the Ministry stated: "The time of suspension of the grant to bring the non-Omani work power briefly in the private area foundations for the callings indicated in Ministerial Resolution No. 2018/487 has been reached out to an additional a half year from May 31, 2019." 


Prior, the Ministry of Manpower had broadened its visa restriction on for organizations working in development and cleaning exercises. 

Ecclesiastical Decision 200/2019 incorporated a stop on licenses for expat laborers in private part foundations which participate in development and cleaning work.