Expats banned from several job positions in Oman

  • 9 months   ago
Expats banned from several job positions in Oman

The Ministry of Labour has issued a decision to reserve a number of professions in the private sector, including finance and accounting professions for Omani nationals only.

Decision 8/2021 regulates the practice of some professions and activities, stipulating as follows:

1- Financial and administrative professions in insurance companies and companies operating in insurance brokerage activities.

2- The professions of selling, accounting, money exchange, administration and arranging goods in the shops operating in malls.

3- Account auditing professions in car agencies.

4- All professions selling new and used vehicles.

5- All accounting professions in the activities of selling new and used vehicles in car agencies.

6- The activity of selling spare parts for new vehicles affiliated with cars agencies.


The second article of the decision states: “Non-Omani workforce licenses and work practice licenses issued for the professions and activities specified in Article One shall be valid until their expiry date."

The ministry added: "The decision shall take effect 6 months after the date of publication of the decision on January 20, 2021."