Major easing of restrictions' in NSW just in time for Christmas celebrations

  • 11 months   ago

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced a "major easing" of coronavirus restrictions on the 25th day without any local cases in the state.Caps on the number of people allowed at hospitality venues will be lifted, and there is no limit to the number of people allowed at weddings or funerals.The four-square-metre rule will become the two-square-metre rule on Monday, except for gyms and nightclubs.

Up to 100 people can attend an outdoor event such as a large family picnic.

Up to 50 people are allowed on a dancefloor at one time and at weddings this does not have to be the same 50 people, just that number at one time."Last year bushfires robbed us of Christmas, today's announcement means COVID is not going to rob us of Christmas," NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro said today.

He said the government was able to lift restrictions in time for the end of the year because of the community coming together and following the rules.

"Today's announcement is about bringing us all together," Mr Barilaro said

He added that it would mean a lot for people in regional communities, who are often isolated regardless of the pandemic.

Ms Berejiklian said despite the good news, health precautions like social distancing, good hygiene and testing must continue.

The Premier she never wanted the state to go backwards and reimpose restrictions, but that will happen if there are outbreaks.

"It's the first time since the pandemic we've moved so quickly and fast," she said.

People were once again reminded to wear masks while using public transport or visiting public spaces were social distancing is not possible.

"Whilst we haven't made it compulsory, we strongly recommended that where social distancing can't be maintained in certain settings, that masks should be worn."

Nightclubs still 'high risk'

Nightclubs will be allowed to reopen on Monday, but people must still drink sitting down and cannot take alcohol onto the dancefloor, Dr Kerry Chant has confirmed.

"Nightclubs will be able to open, but what you might characterise as a normal nightclub experience might be a little bit more COVID-safe," she said."Obviously nightclubs have been identified internationally as very high-risk venues and that's because night clubs have a high turnover of people … and obviously with very close proximity."

Dr Chant said the restrictions are in place to limit the likelihood of "explosive events" where people, particularly in younger age groups, may go out with very mild symptoms and spread the virus.

Source: 9Newa