Queen Elizabeth COVID-19 Test: Buckingham Palace Says Monarch 'Remains In Good Health'

  • 2 years   ago
Queen Elizabeth

Concerns have been raised about Queen Elizabeth's health as her son, Prince Charles, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson both tested positive for COVID-19. Buckingham Palace, however, issued a statement that the queen "remains in good health," despite meeting with her heir and the prime minister a few weeks ago.




Apparently, the Queen had her last face-to-face audience with Johnson at Buckingham Palace on March 11. She was also with Prince Charles on March 12 during an investiture.

The palace said that Queen Elizabeth is following her doctor's advice and taking precautions. However, Buckingham won't comment on whether Her Majesty and Prince Philip have had tests for coronavirus, per USA Today.

The royal couple has been staying in isolation at Windsor Castle since March 19. They have limited the number of people around their royal household to just eight staff, as opposed to the hundreds of royal aides that usually tend to them.

The Queen has also canceled most of her royal engagements for the next few weeks as she and Prince Philip are expected to stay in Windsor past the Easter holiday. They are both considered in the vulnerable sector against coronavirus as the Queen is 93 and Prince Philip is 98 and has a pre-existing condition.

It's unclear if the Queen has plans to celebrate her birthday this coming April if she remains in isolation. The rest of the royal family are also not in London, the epicenter of the coronavirus in the U.K. They have also slowed down on their royal events as the government ordered the public to limit their movements and stay at home if they don't have essential businesses and errands.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth had her weekly meeting with Johnson over the phone. Her Majesty remained in Windsor while the prime minister was in London.

Photos of the monarch talking to Johnson were posted on the Royal Family social media account to show the Queen is still up and about and health. Royal fans, however, can't help but notice that Queen Elizabeth has a number of Corgi figurines on her work desk in Windsor.

It's no secret that the Queen is an animal lover and she is particularly fond of round-eyed Corgis even as a little girl. Apart from the figurines, the Queen has Corgi scarves and collared shirts. She also has several photos with the pet Corgis she grew up with and are those she's still caring for today. Queen Elizabeth was spotted with one of her Corgi dogs inside the car when she left for Windsor last week.

Source: Business Times