Report: Lebanon woman ‘tortures, kills ex-husband’ over re-marriage

  • 1 year ago
Report: Lebanon woman ‘tortures, kills ex-husband’ over re-marriage

A Lebanese woman has admitted to brutally murdering her ex-husband by stabbing him more than a dozen times in the abdomen, a local police investigation has found, Arab21 reported.

Ibrahim Alawieh was tied up on the bed before the unnamed suspect tortured him and repeatedly stabbed his abdominal area.

In interrogation, the suspect claimed Alawieh was lured into the bedroom and tied up consensually after she pretended she wanted to engage in a sexual relationship with him.

Initial investigations, however, indicate the victim may have been drugged before he was restrained and stabbed to death.

Local outlet Annahar reported a security source saying the suspect had placed sex toys near Alawieh’s body in order to obfuscate an inevitable police investigation.

The source also confirmed officers were not convinced by the suspect’s story which contradicted initial findings and investigations into the incident, including reviews of security camera footage.

Alawiya’s body was found after neighbours complained of a foul smell coming from his apartment, prompting a raid by Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces.


The victim’s body was found soaked in blood in his room near where he worked in a café in Beirut’s coastal Raouche district.

According to the Arab21 report, Alawieh’s ex-wife, who admitted to the premeditated revenge attack during questioning, planned the assault after the victim accused her of cheating and later divorced her as a result.

Alawieh re-married soon after the divorce, reportedly taking a Syrian minor as his wife, according to a report by the New Arab.

Lebanon has seen several brutal killings during the country’s coronavirus lockdown which started in mid-March.

In late April, one man carried out a mass shooting in the southern Lebanese village of Baakline, killing nine people, including six Syrian nationals, among them two children aged ten and 15, and three Lebanese.

Mazen Harfoush started the killing spree by stabbing his wife, who, he believed was cheating on him, more than 13 times, before killing his brothers Fawzi and Karim, who he believed were aware of the affair, with a hunting rifle.

Days after the attack, Harfoush was apprehended by local police and taken for questioning. Reuters reported the attack as an “honour killing” – where a person is murdered for actions which “bring shame” to the family.