Trump planning to start a new political party, says report

  • 2 years   ago
Trump planning to start a new political party, says report
President Donald Trump, whose tenure at the oval house is all set to end in a few hours, is planning to launch a political party of his own, reported The Wall Street Journal. People close to the development told WSJ that Trump, whose relation with several Republican Party leaders has worsened since the violence at Capitol Hill by his supporters, has talked to several aides about his plan to set up a new party named ‘Patriot Party.’
While it is not yet clear how serious Trump is with his new plans, it is important to be noted that the outgoing president not only has a large support base but also the resources needed to carry out such a move. However, it will be a challenge for any leader to make a third political party a key power in the US which, for centuries, has witnessed a bi-party system that is dominated by the Republicans and Democrats.
Further, in addition to the natural lack of support to a multi-party system in the US, Trump will also face stiff opposition from the Republican party establishment that will not appreciate Trump peeling off a significant chunk of their support base.
He already seemed to have roughed the feathers of several key Republican leaders including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who openly criticised Trump and held him responsible for the deadly violence that occurred at Capitol Hill.
Trump on the other hand seems yet to be ready to accept the election result and alleges it was rigged.

Source: CNBCTV18