How to Get Automatic Entry Permit After Leaving Qatar: 6 Easy Steps

  • 10 months   ago

If you are a Resident Permit (RP) or Qatar ID (QID) holder, planning to travel outside Qatar and wishing to return to the country after your trip, the good news is — you can now get an Automatic Entry Permit.

This means: There is no need for your employer to apply for an Exceptional Entry Permit (EEP) for you and wait for the approval from the Ministry of Interior.

Qatar announced that all residents currently in the country will be automatically granted exceptional entry permits after leaving, making their international travels much easier today.

How? Here is an easy step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Log in to the Ministry of Interior website. (Click English if you prefer to view the site in English).

Step 2: Click on "Inquiries"

Step 3: Click on "Exit & Entry Permits"

Step 4: Click on "Print Exceptional Return Permit"

Step 5: Enter the required details including:

• Your Qatar ID number

•  Your Qatar ID expiry date

Step 6: Print the permit

Enter the verification code and click on "Print." You can print it anytime after you have left the country.

Important Note:

• The automatic printing of EEP option will also NOT be available for residents who had exited Qatar prior to the implementation of this new rule that was effective November 29, 2020.

• Therefore, sponsored employees and students who had exited prior to the implementation of this new policy would still be required to request for EEP via the Qatar Portal. This type of EEP would still be subject for approval from the relevant government authorities.

• Unlike the regular Exceptional Entry Permit, the Automatic Entry Permit does not mention the type of quarantine (hotel/home) you need to take upon your return to Qatar.


Latest Quarantine Guidelines in Qatar: 

• Quarantine period will be for one week only after arrival in Qatar. This applies to all returning residents regardless of the country of origin.

• Those coming from green list countries (listed in the Ministry of Public Health website) will be able to self-isolate at home for the seven (7) days, while those arriving from other countries will be expected to quarantine at a hotel.

• Those who need to quarantine at a hotel will need to book their welcome home package via Discover Qatar.

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Source: Ministry of Interior