How to submit a complaint against ُemployer in case of abuse?

  • 1 year ago

If you or someone at work is being abused by a sponsor or employer, the State of Qatar has relevant authorities to help you.

According to the Hukoomi Qatar e-Government Portal, expatriates can submit complaints against their employers in case of abuse to:

• The Search and Follow-Up Unit affiliated to the General Directorate of Border Passports and Expatriates Affairs at the Ministry of Interior.

Offline Instructions

• Provide a copy of passport or ID of the expatriate.

• Provide a written complaint by the expatriate.

Service Center

• Search and Follow-Up Unit.


• This service is provided free of charge.

To submit a complaint via the Hukoomi website, click here.

You can also submit a complaint online through the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) website.

• Submit a complaint online (The complainer needs to register first on website)

Or you can file a complaint via:

• Fax

• Telephone

• e-mail

• Personal attendance

Kindly follow the below steps to file your complaint:

1- Print the form below and fill it in.

Complaint Form

2- Complete the required information relating to your complaint, including:

• Write your complaint clearly.

• Provide your contact information, including: phone number, e-mail and address.

• Attach a copy of your identification card (for Qataris) and a copy of your passport or visa (for non- Qataris) and attach any related documents to support your complaint

• Send your complaint via fax or e-mail address

You may also contact NHRC via:

• NHRC Telephone: 0097444048844

• NHRC SMS Number : 119

• NHRC E-mail:

• NHRC  Fax: 0097444444013

What is the role of National Human Rights Committee?

• An independent national institution working for the promotion and protection of the human rights of all those under the juris- diction of the State of Qatar.

• NHRC works towards the achievement of the stated objectives, in- ternational conventions and conventions on human rights, in particular to which the State has acceded.

• It monitors the human rights situation within the State of Qa- tar, receive complaints, and try to find solutions through medi- ation with the concerned authorities.

• It provides the government a set of recommendations and pro- posals on the human rights on a consultative basis.

• It is keen to cooperate with all committees, associations and similar organizations in projects aimed at spreading the culture of human rights.

• It issues annual reports on the human rights situation in the State of Qatar and publish them on its website.

• It conduct field visits, campaigns, training courses and work- shops to raise awareness of the human rights culture and dis- seminate it widely.


NHRC of Qatar believes that promoting and protecting human rights is a key to the advancement of society. 

Source: National Human Rights Committee