Qatar employer NO need to pay end-of-service benefits to employee in the following 10 cases

  • 1 year ago
Qatar employer NO need to pay end-of-service benefits to employee in the following 10 cases

According Article 61 of Labour Laws, the employer may terminate the services of an employee without warning and without paying end-of-service benefits in the following cases:

1. The employee is found impersonating other nationalities (forged passports), has submitted false documents and certificates.

2. The employee has committed a mistake that has resulted in massive financial losses for the employer and provided that the employer has informed the department before the end of the next working day, from the time that the mistake had occurred.

3. The employee violates more than once, instructions related to the safety or other employees and the establishment, despite being issued a written warning earlier and provided that these instructions are written and displayed prominently inside the establishment at a place where it can be easily accessed.

4. The employee violates more than once the commitments stated in the contract and in the law, despite being warned in writing earlier.

5. The employee divulges vital secrets and confidential information of the employer.


6. The employee is found intoxicated with alcohol or under the influence of narcotics while on duty.

7. The employee physically assaults the employer or other officials and seniors while on duty or due to work related disputes.

8. The employee repeatedly assaults his colleagues while on duty and was served written warnings.

9. The employee was absent without justified reasons for more than seven consecutive days or for periods exceeding 15 days in one year.

10. The employee is found guilty in a court verdict in a crime related to his personal honour.

In enforcing penalties upon employees, the employer must inform the employee about the accusations within 15 days of the violation, except in criminal offences. Penalties are restricted to be related to work related violations and can be imposed only after the employee has been duly notified and a written explanation was sought. Such an explanation may be orally submitted in minor violations, which does not exceed a penalty of more than one-day salary deduction. However, such explanations and deductions have to be recorded in the personal files of the employee. Not more than one penalty may be imposed for a single violation, penalties signed by the employer only shall be valid and no penalties not stated in the by-laws shall be imposed on the employee.