Qatar Travel Guide: Important Things to Know Before and After You Reach Airport

  • 10 months   ago

The State of Qatar's Ministry of Interior (MoI) has shared some guidelines on its website to give you some tips before you land at or depart from the airport for a smooth and save travel.

Before You Reach Qatar Airport

• Confirm the validity of your travel documents and ensure they valid for more than 6 months

• Confirm the flight reservation

• Confirm the availability of necessary travel permits (travel permits for Qataris, Exit permit). Please Visit the MoI website to get the forms for filling.

Here are the items not permitted in HAND BAGGAGE:

• Guns, firearms, Other devices that discharge projectiles including toys, antiques and replicas Pistols, components of firearms, compressed air and CO2 guns, pellet guns, signal flares, stunning devices like stun guns, pepper spray

• mace

• animal repellents

• objects with sharp points or edges (like knives, axes, ice picks, razor blades, scissors, martial art equipment; workers tools like crowbars, drills, screw-drivers, saws, nail guns, blowtorches, blunt Instruments)

• baseball bats, clubs, batons, hockey sticks

• explosives and incendiary devices

• fireworks

• ammunition

• fuel, liquids, aerosols, gels that do not meet the authorized criteria

NOTE: If any of the above items found in the baggage it will be removed and won't be returned to the owner.

Items not permitted in CHECKED BAGGAGE include:

• Corrosives like Mercury, acids, alkalies and wet cell batteries

• Infectious substances such as bacteria, viruses

• Poison such as insecticides, weed killers, arsenic and cyanides, Radioactive Material, Oxidizing Materials & Organic Peroxides

• Bleaches and fiber glass repair kits

• Compressed Gases (deeply refrigerated, flammable, nonflammable and poisonous) like Butane, oxygen, propane and aqualung cylinders, flammable

• Liquids and Solids,

• Lighter or heavier fuels, paint and all matches,

• Explosives

• Fireworks, flares,ammunition and firearms

After Reaching Airport

• Please notice the signboards to help speed up your travel procedures.

• Follow the guidelines of the staff and abide by the security processing without showing panic, because it is meant to ensure your safety and security.

• Present the documents to the staff in passport section and avoid speaking on mobile phones while standing in front of counter.

• Leave out all your metal made materials and put them in the basket for scanning.

• While boarding to flight remember the special prayer for travel.

Documents and Procedures to Travel

• Your passport is the important personal document to be secured and protected from loss or damage.

• It cannot be used by another person or mortgaged or used in any purpose other than its allotted purpose.

• Loss of passport exposed to many legal procedures and problems to your journey.

• Availability of passport guarantees you the security service of your country through its embassies and diplomatic missions.


Citizen - the best ambassador of his home country

• As the citizen is the best ambassador of his country he should be careful and attentive to keep his identity along with his official documents and personal belongings.

• It is necessary to be cautious in airports, in markets and other busy areas to avoid any risks and dangers.

Important Points

• Qatar embassies are at the service of its citizens outside the country.

• If you are exposed any difficulty or threat don’t hesitate to contact with the embassy or consulate to take immediate measures to solve the issues.

• There is a special section in the embassy to serve and give suggestions and assistance while you stay in the hosting country.

• Before you reach airport you should ensure the availability of the passport and related documents.

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Source: Ministry of Interior