Traffic Law: When does a driving license get suspended in Qatar?

  • 8 months   ago

There is a system of points, called Black Point sytem, to administer traffic violations in Qatar: The Qatar driving license is based on this point system where drivers collect points for each infraction.

A license is suspended for a certain period once a driver reaches points specified in below table.

Black Point in Traffic Law No. 19/2007

The traffic law No. 19 of the year 2007 has introduced a Black Point system with the aim of preventing the huge number of road accidents and punishing the errant drivers.

The Drivers convicted of certain driving related offences will have demerit points recorded on their records.

In two cases, the black points will be erased automatically as mentioned below:

1) If your license was confiscated according to the following table.

2) If the driver did not commit any other traffic crime within one year from the date of committing the last traffic crime.

The Driving Licenses of those who commit traffic crimes will be suspended according to the list below:



No. of Black Points

License Suspension Period


1st time


3 months


2nd time


6 months


3rd time


9 months


4th time


12 months


5th time


If the same person gathered 6 points for the 5th time, his license will be suspended ultimately. And, in this case, a new driving test according to the law article No. (31) on "conditions to provide the driving license for the first time" after one year of suspension as a minimum period.

What are the traffic violations and how to avoid them?

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How to view and pay traffic violations?

According to Hukoomi - eGovernment Portal, motorists may check and pay their traffic violations online through Ministry of Interior (MOI) website. Violators can pay traffic fines in person by attending MoI collection office or the Traffic Department.

Online Instructions

Login with your smartcard to the e-services portal of MOI.

Click on "Traffic Services", then "Traffic Violations".

• Click on "Settlement of Violations", then enter your ID, plate number or establishment ID.

Each violation will be listed along with details including the date/time, location, description of violation and the amount due.

• Complete payment process.

Additional Information

Motorists can check and pay for traffic violations online through Metrash2.

View violations and pay online here.

Source: Ministry of Interior