Pakistani delivery rider donates earnings for Palestinians

  • 8 months   ago
Pakistani delivery rider donates earnings for Palestinians

"Nationality, religion, country, or race don't matter, what matters is that we should all stand for humanity," he said.

When his company launched a fund-raiser for Palestinians, delivery rider Bilal Ahmad didn't even think twice about donating: He gave all his earnings for the day.

"My heart goes out to my brothers and sisters who are suffering in Palestine due to lack of food, medical facilities and constant fear. I have been praying for them and was hoping and wondering if I would ever be able to do something to alleviate their pain," Ahmad, a 27-year-old Pakistani national, told Khaleej Times.

On Thursday, his employer, food and grocery delivery mobile app Talabat, announced a region-wide initiative called ‘We Stand for Humanity’ to support Palestinians in need of urgent humanitarian aid.

Under the initiative, Talabat donated part of its earnings from all the orders it delivered on Thursday towards emergency humanitarian relief for Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories. It also gave its employees an option to voluntarily give up a portion of their salaries for the cause.

“I thank my employer Talabat for launching this drive and giving us employees a chance to do some goodness for humanity. I want to tell the people of Palestine to be strong and keep the faith. And that the whole world is praying for them and will help them in whichever way possible. My motto in life is to stand for humanity and help needy people of the world. Nationality, religion, country, or race don't matter, what matters is that we should all stand for humanity,” said Ahmed, who is the sole earning member of his family that comprises his mother, sister and two brothers.

A spokesperson from Talabat said the company was moved by his act of kindness, adding that they were keen on rewarding him for it.


As part of the fundraiser, Talabat said every order placed on its app for the entire day on Thursday — and across all markets the app operates in — will contribute towards humanitarian relief efforts in Palestine. All donations will be made to a trusted international charity partner, the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP), the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger, which will deliver food assistance to those affected in Palestine.

Talabat customers in the country may donate directly through the platform — on any date — by searching for virtual charity ‘World Food Programme’ on its app and selecting the ‘Aid for Palestine’ category. All proceeds will go towards the primary supplies, such as food parcels and food assistance, for the communities on the ground.

“The world has been witnessing the current humanitarian crisis and we believe it is our duty, as people and as an organisation, to stand for humanity and lend a helping hand to the Palestinians in need of humanitarian support. With support from our long-standing partner, the WFP, we are raising awareness and together — with our community — are enabling financial support towards humanitarian relief efforts for Palestine,” said Talabat CEO Tomaso Rodriguez.

Jeremy Doutte, vice-president of Talabat, added: “Being able to utilise our platform to support humanitarian causes is an integral pillar of our corporate responsibility. We believe in using technology for the good of humanity. And by connecting our customers to trusted charities, we are facilitating philanthropy and allowing safe donations through the Talabat app. We are grateful for the generous support our virtual charity initiatives have received in the past and we are looking forward to supporting Palestine together through this region-wide initiative.”