QC provides ready-to-go Iftar meals to workers under ‘Ramadan of Hope’ project

  • 6 months   ago
Qatar Charity (QC), with the support from generous people in the country, continues carrying out the Ramadan projects under its ‘Ramadan of Hope’ drive by giving out ready-to-eat Iftar meals to employees and others in Qatar.
While applying mandatory preventive measures against the surging novel coronavirus (Covid-19), Qatar provides 14,000 meals each day to workers in four areas, which are the companies ’housing, the Doha Industrial Area, Al Khor Industrial Area, and farms,
The ‘Mobile Iftar Meals for Workers’ project aims to be beneficial towards 456,000 employers in the country during Ramadan at an estimated cost of QR 6mn. The project consists of food baskets and ready-to-eat meals.
Besides this, QC also gives out 1,600 meals daily to those waiting at traffic lights and some other places and unable to reach home before the Adhaan of Magribh. The distribution points are always changed to reach the largest number of beneficiaries. This ‘Mobile Iftar’ is likely to benefit 48,000 people around the region.
The ‘Ramadan Supply’ was also offered to benefit 20,000 people, at an estimated cost of approximately 2.4mn Qatari riyals. This project aims to meet the Ramadan needs of the families of orphans, low-income families, and widows through the distribution of coupons to them.
It is also worth noting that the projects under the ‘Ramadan of Hope’ campaign are expected to benefit almost 600,000 people in debt, low-income families, workers and expatriates, in Qatar at an estimated cost of 111mn Qatari riyals.
Along with this, the iftar meals for employees and others and Ramadan supply for low-income families, the Ramadan projects include QR 100mn assistance for those in debt and families affected by Covid-19 pandemic.