500 QAR penalty for throwing of trash and spitting on roads, public areas in Qatar: Baladiya

  • 1 year ago

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (Baladiya) reminds the public that throwing of tissue paper, waste or empty packaging, is prohibited in Qatar. Spitting on sidewalks, roads or public places is also illegal. 

The local authority has imposed 500 QAR penalty for those who will violate the said regulation.




The Public Cleaning Law in the State of Qatar

The State of Qatar represented in the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning  cared to protect the human and the environment from the harmful effects of pollution in all its forms, so the ministry issued some laws to maintain the public cleaning and control the persons who  temper theses laws, one of these laws is "the law of peace in the crimes of the municipality," , its  a law which achieve the goal of maintaining the public cleaning .

This law contains a dedicated part for the public cleaning which contains :

A) Identifying  the violation clearly.

B) Determining the procedures and the immediate value of the fine for each violation.

The payment amount will be set out in a period which doesnt exceed  24 hours of editing the violation, as required to restore the case to its origin before the crime at the expense of the violator.

The following are some violations of the public cleaning law and the  value for each of them: 

- Throwing the paper Handkerchiefs or garbage or spitting on the sidewalks or roads or public places. (200 QR)

- Leaving or throwing the wastes or Leftovers in front of houses or on roads or public places. (100 QR)

- Drying the clothes or carpets on the balconies that overlooking the roads and public places. (300 QR)

- Throwing the wastes of the trees or gardens in the public places (100 QR)

- Throwing the animal's manure in places that are not dedicated for that (400 QR)

- Throwing or leaving the old hardware or equipment or parts of them on the sidewalks or public places. (100 QR)

- Throwing  or leaving the wastes or garbage bags in front of shops or public or private shops or  outside the containers that are used for that purpose . (500 QR)

- Leaving or throwing the leftovers  in gardens or beaches in the public places and land space (100 QR)

- Leaving the neglected cars in roads or sidewalk in the public places. (500 QR)

- Not using the protective cover of the means of transportation tightly leads to the loss of their contents. (600 QR)

- Liquefaction  of sewage from absorptive holes  or sewers or links  or none tightly cover (500 QR)

- Washing cars or machineries  or transportation means in none legal places (100 QR for each car)

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment