Amid COVID-19 restrictions, Qatar celebrates NSD in full swing

  • 2 years   ago

Qatar’s National Sport Day (NSD) is being celebrated in full swing across the nation. Every year, Qatar celebrates NSD on second Tuesday of every February. This year, amid the rising tension of a second wave of the pandemic hitting Qatar, the nation is celebrating NSD, which aims at encouraging people to embrace a healthy lifestyle and focus on their well-being, without violating the precautionary measures that were recently reinstated. 

Adhering to the latest precautionary measures issued by MoPH, the NSD committee strategized the sports day events, keeping in mind the best interests of the community, limiting the number of outdoor events to individual sports (cycling, running and swimming) and cancelling all group activities. However, several organizations have come forward with a series of virtual activities to indulge all members, marking the national celebration of sport and people’s well-being. 



Through online workouts, exercises, inspirational talks, yoga sessions, and inclusive sporting demonstrations for elderly, women and children, the committee aims at encouraging people to be a part of the NSD activities. 

The Qatar Sports for All (QSFA) Federation recently made an announcement through its website that an array of sports activities would be aired via its social media channels and app. QSFA is running a challenge campaign for the public, urging them to share images upon completion of 10,000 steps. Winners would be announced through a draw. 

This virtual NSD offerings intends to encourage people to make sport and physical activities a central part of their lives, opening up opportunities for them to maintain and improve their physical and mental well-being. 

Besides the activities, the Federation is discussing topics, including living a balanced lifestyle, women, youth and sports development, mental well-being, exercise and mental health, and how to succeed in sports. 

Professional gym instructors and fitness trainers from Qatar will be conducting live sessions, which are open to all through a dedicated NSD section on QF’s website, while the website will also host a range of activities for people of all age groups. People can register for these through Education’s city’s newly launched App.

The Physiotherapy Department of the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) highlighted NSD’s importance by launching its Physiotherapy Online Exercise Program. This latest program can be accessed via and it features over 600 videos for patients, and it is planning to increase the video training sessions to over 1,500 videos. The intention is to enhance the patient experience, enabling them to access exercise information in a safe and convenient manner, guiding them to recovery. 

The NSD Committee has insisted all community members, practicing sports, to undertake several preventive measures, including wearing of masks at all times, except for the time of practicing sports activities, stressing the need for subjecting practitioners to thermal examinations, upon entering any area of practice. This would help to eliminate participants whose temperature is above 37.8 degree Celsius. The participants are also required to have a green color status on ETHERAZ app. 

Public attendance on this NSD is not permitted.