Anger outrages on social media over ‘Fortnite’ video game due to the depiction of destroying Ka’aba

  • 4 months   ago






Anger has been outraged on social media as many took to the online platforms against the video game ‘Fortnite’ for its depiction of player entering Mecca and eliminating people in it and destroying the walls of the Ka’aba with an ax or iron hammer to obtain additional weapons and enter the next level. With this outrage, many on social media has called to boycott the game.

This was witnessed as a huge violation against Islamic values and sanctities, and to remain silent on such sensitive matters could lead the gamers to create contents their way against Islamic sanctities in electronic games.

The content developers of Fortnite - Epic games, elucidates on Facebook that “the content referred to was an island made by a player in the "Creative" mode, where on the island you cannot destroy the Kaaba.”

The further added that, "we would like to emphasize that our team respects all religions and we work closely with the content creators of the game for our players in order to provide a safe gaming experience for all our players."