Arab Police Sports Federation Approves Qatar's Proposal to Dedicate Sports Day for Arab police

  • 3 months   ago

The Executive Office of the Arab Police Sports Federation (APSF) agreed during its 108th meeting on a proposal presented by Qatar Police Sports Federation to dedicate a sports day for the Arab police on August 2 of each year, and to request the member Arab federations to hold various sports activities and events on this occasion in order to motivate and encourage policemen to practice sports.

President of the Arab and Qatar police sports federations Brigadier Khalid bin Hamad Al Attiyah presided over the 108th meeting of the APSF Executive Office concluded recently in Tunisia.

Among the most important decisions of the meeting, Brig. Al Attiyah noted, were the approval of the accession of three Arab countries to the membership of the Arab Police Sports Federation, which is the Mauritanian Police Sports Federation, the Somali Sports Police Federation and the Comorian Police Sports Federation, according to Article (51) of the organizing regulations in this regard.


Brig. Al Attiyah added that Algeria has affirmed its readiness to host the upcoming meetings, whether the 45th General Assembly or the next two meetings of the Executive Office (109-110), which are scheduled to be held in Algeria.

The Executive Office also agreed to extend the current Executive Office if circumstances prevented the next General Assembly meeting in Algeria in the second half of December. In addition, the desire of officials in Algeria to organize a police tournament on the sidelines of the meetings there is also linked to the requirements of the health conditions.

The meeting also agreed that the APSF would address the member federations to provide it with all their archives of films, photos and media materials for the activities and competitions held by the Arab Federation in order to produce a documentary film that talks about the Federation since its inception until now.

The Executive Office also approved the request of the Lebanese Federation to host a police sports event, provided that this is done through official correspondence with the Secretariat of the Arab Federation, and that the proposed tournament will be held in the first half of 2022. (QNA)

Source: QNA