Declining cases will help enter the second phase of gradual lifting of restrictions: Official

  • 3 years   ago
The Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital at Hamad Medical Corporation Dr. Yousef al-Maslamani said that the Gulf state health ministers signed a cooperation agreement.
He outlined that the signed agreement is in its legal stages, but the technical work had commenced from the very first day of the signing of agreement, and the agreement will be in operation after it is completely ready.
Dr. Maslamani had expounded in remarks made on the physical distance program that was telecasted on Qatar TV, al-Rayyan channel, and Al-Kass channel. 
He said that, “the changes made by the Ministry of Public Health on Ehteraz or any decision reached have a scientific reference. So the proposals are studied by the scientific committee, and are applied by law, and if necessary added to the application of EHTERAZ as happened recently, as the new update to EHTERAZ came after scientific studies confirmed that antibodies may still exist in the recovered patient’s body for 9 months in response to international information issue it as law in Qatar.”
“It was added to EHTERAZ application by the Ministry of Public Health in cooperation of the Ministry of Interior, when it was added to show that this person has recovered and is guaranteed the privileges to enjoy by those who have received two doses of the vaccines against Covid-19, as well as to reveal the result of the latest examination and their health number,” he added.