Doctor who recovered from COVID-19 in Qatar says, 'Don’t panic, but stay safe'

  • 1 year ago

Dr. Muthana Al Salihi, a Pediatric Surgeon at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and Sidra Medicine, a doctor who recovered from coronavirus (Covid-19) in Qatar urges people not to panic but follow the precautionary measures set by the government to curb the virus spread.

The doctor, an Iraqi national working with HMC for 15 years, has no clue how he got the infection and he warns all not to underestimate the virus as anyone can get infected.   

He said people should not be worried or terrified about Covid-19 as only a very few percentage of people get to a severe condition and mortality rate due to the disease. However, he advised everyone not to underestimate because Covid-19 is highly infectious.

The medical expert calls on people to strictly follow guidelines set by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and the government, including wearing of face masks, social distancing, and staying at home as much as possible.




Dr. Al Salihi also appreciated the efforts taken by the State to contain the virus spread in the country by implementing precautionary measures such as contact tracking of infected people. 

“I’m speaking here in patient perspective. I received the best care that maybe no one can receive from their own country. I am sure that many people cannot receive this kind of care even in their home countries. I am very grateful to the government, Ministry of Public Health, doctors, nurses and others for the exceptional care given," he stressed. 

He is preparing to resume work after Eid holidays and narrated his ‘smooth’ journey from being ill to full recovery.

Recalling his experience, his sickness started on April 12 with cold-like symptoms including back pain and sore throat. But, within three days, he lost his smell and taste sensations totally which worried as he knew it was one of the symptoms of Covid-19 disease. Then, he had a cough and chest pain. 

On April 18, Dr Al Salihi, was taken to HMC’s Communicable Disease Center (CDC) where his medical and travel history were noted and a swab was taken. On the following day, an official from MoPH called him, asked some general questions and informed him that his test was positive. The health official also enquired who he lived with and asked to isolate himself.

He was admitted at CDC after some investigations showed that he had pneumonia. His condition was moderate.  

“I was put on a treatment protocol for pneumonia and started medication There were five types of medication and two of them were antibiotics. They also treated me with an antimalarial drug and two antiviral medicines—Azithromycin, Ceftriaxone, Hydroxy chloroquine, Tamiflu and Kaletra,” added Dr Al Salihi.

He recalled that after five days, his condition improved. Then, he was tested negative twice for Covid-19.

"As per protocol, if you have two negative swabs in a 24-hour gap, it means that you are cured,” the doctor disclosed.

He stayed in the CDC for nine days before he was discharged and was asked to do self-isolation for another 14 days.

None of the people that he had contact with including family members and colleagues were infected after being tested with Covid-19.

Source: Hamad Medical Corporation