Emirati Human Rights Activist Alaa Al-Siddiq to be Buried in Qatar

  • 3 years   ago
Emirati Human Rights Activist Alaa Al-Siddiq to be Buried in Qatar

Emirati opponents confirmed that activist Alaa Al-Siddiq, who died in a traffic accident several days ago in the British capital, London, will be buried in Qatar, after her body was transferred from London to Doha.

The Emirati dissident, Ahmed Al Shaiba Al Nuaimi, said in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “This morning, our daughter Alaa Al-Siddiq, may God have mercy on her, left her exile in London, heading to her family in Qatar, where her final resting place.”

He added: “We will inform you of the time and location of the prayer, God willing. To the gardens of eternity, my daughter, may God bless you with his vast mercy.”

Alaa Al-Siddiq will be buried in Qatar

Emirati dissident Abdullah Al-Taweel said: “Alaa Al-Siddiq will be buried in Qatar.

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He added, according to a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “But what makes it easy is that Qatar is her other homeland, which gave her safety in her life and honor in her death.”

As for the Emirati activist, Ibrahim Al Haram, he thanked Qatar and said in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “Praise be to God, and all thanks and appreciation to Qatar, its Prime Time Zone and its Emir for this noble humanitarian stance. May God have mercy on our sister and may God grant her peace.”

Investigations are still ongoing

Earlier, the Emirati dissident residing in London, Ahmed Al-Shaiba Al-Nuaimi, confirmed that investigations are still underway in the case of the death of the Emirati opposition, Alaa Al-Siddiq, in a traffic accident in the British capital several days ago.

Al-Nuaimi said, in a series of tweets monitored by “Watan”: “What we conveyed about the incident of our daughter, Alaa Al-Siddiq, was as it happened, according to the police account and its initial conclusions.”

Al-Nuaimi added: “We do not circulate any of the stories, but rather we convey the truth as it is. We urged the police and security services, when interviewing them, to make every effort to ensure that the incident is free of criminal suspicions, and we alerted them to it to increase the interest in investigating the matter despite their keenness.”

He continued, “We have also informed the police of Alaa Al-Siddiq’s situation, the nature of her work and human rights activities, as well as the situation of her father and family, and this is taken into account in following up the case and making sure that there is no criminal suspicion.”

He continued, “We confirm that investigations are still ongoing, and we urge anyone who has any information or evidence about the incident to submit it to the police, and the police statement and their website are attached to you for direct communication.”


British police statement on the death of Alaa Al-Siddiq

British police published a preliminary report on the death of Emirati activist Alaa Al-Siddiq, 33, who died in a car accident last Sunday, in Oxford, near London, after a dinner to celebrate her birthday.

The police said in a statement, that the friend died in a fatal traffic accident, explaining that the collision occurred between two cars, at the intersection of south “Shepton Under Witchwood”.

The statement stated that the accident resulted in the injury of three Prime Time Zone, one of whom was slightly injured, who was discharged from the hospital with a four-year-old child, while none of the drivers were injured as a result of the collision, and no arrests were made.

The British police confirmed that “the Serious Collision Investigation Unit, of the Thames Valley Police, is still investigating this incident.”

Ahmed Al-Shaiba Al-Nuaimi talks about the death of Alaa Al-Siddiq

Earlier, Ahmed Al-Shaiba Al-Nuaimi denied what was being circulated on the communication sites about the existence of a criminal suspicion in the death of the Emirati opposition, Alaa Al-Siddiq, in a traffic accident in London.

Al-Nuaimi came out in a video clip broadcast on his official Twitter page, in which he spoke in front of the police department specialized in investigating the death of Alaa Al-Siddiq in Oxford.

The Emirati dissident said in front of the police station: “I am now in Oxford, next to the police department responsible for investigating this case – and he mentioned the date of today, June 20, 2021. The accident is painful. We all have our condolences to her family, her detained father, her mother, Umm Omar, and all her fans everywhere.”

Ahmed Al-Nuaimi continued, explaining: “In fact, I want to point out that what has become clear so far from the course of the investigation is that the accident was accidental and there was no criminal intrigue or suspicion.”