Five planets approaching Moon over Qatar Sky during May

  • 2 years   ago
Five planets approaching Moon over Qatar Sky during May

Qatar residents will have a chance to seeing and observing five planets of our solar system over sky during May 2019, moreover, two planets will appear on dawn sky (Venus and Mercury), while other three planets (Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) will appear on the evening sky during Holy month nights "Ramadan", added, every one of these planets will be approaching Moon at different times during May, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced.

On May 2, and May 3, the brightest planet "Venus" and Mercury will be approaching Moon respectively; where Venus and Mercury will be at 3.5 and 3 degrees northern Moon's center respectively. Qatar residents will be able to observe Venus at nearest point from the Moon with naked eyes over the eastern horizon of Qatar dawn sky on Tuesday from the time rise of Venus till sunrise time; where the time rise of the Venus will be at 3:40 Am, while the Sunrise time over Qatar sky will be at 5:00 Am Doha local time. Astronomer expert at QCH Dr. Beshir Marzouk said.

During firstly Holy month (Ramadan) nights and on the evening of Wednesday, May 8, Qatar residents will have a good chance to observe the red planet "Mars" at nearest point of the Moon over the western horizon from Sunset time at 6:10 Pm Doha local time till the time set of Mars on Qatar sky at 9:02 Pm Doha local time: where Mars will be at angular distance three degrees northern new crescent of Ramadan.

Dr. Marzouk added the giant planet "Jupiter" will be at 1.5 degrees southern Full Moon's center over Qatar sky on Monday, May 20. Moreover, Qatar residents will have a chance to see Jupiter and full Moon together with naked eye over eastern horizon from the time rise of Jupiter and Full Moon over Qatar sky at 7:51 Pm Doha local time till the Sunrise time of next day.

Finally, the planet with beautiful rings "Saturn" will be at nearest point of Moon on Thursday, May 23; moreover, Saturn will be at half degree northern Moon's center. Qatar resident will be seeing and observing Saturn and Moon together with naked eyes over eastern horizon of Qatar sky from the time rise of Saturn and Moon at 1:25 Am, till the Sunrise time on Thursday over Qatar sky at 4:46 Pm Doha local time.

These phenomena are very important because it's a guide for amateur astronomers to know the map of the sky during this month and validate the astronomical calculations.

Astronomer expert at Qatar Calendar House   Dr. Beshir Marzouk