Generally settled and hot weather in Qatar today

  • 2 years   ago

The Department of Meteorology reported that there is generally settled and hot weather across Qatar today. It added that the current temperature in Doha is 37°C.

Earlier this morning, the wave height ranges between 1 to 3 ft according to the latest observations. It is expected to rise to 6 Ft in northern areas later on.

The weather official stated that there is hot weather during daytime with slight dust to blowing dust at some areas at times becoming mild at night in the country. It also noted that sea state ranges between 2 to 4 Ft rises to 6 Ft in northern areas.

Local authorities call on all members of the society to stay at home, only leave the house when necessary, and maintain social distancing  to ensure their safety against the coronavirus (Covid-19) disease.




It also urged the public to adhere to the compulsory implementation of wearing face masks and downloading of EHTERAZ Covid-19 tracker when leaving the house as hefty fines and imprisonment will be charged to perpetrators. 

Source: Qatar Meteorology Department