Good News! New Platform 'TASMU' Officially Launched to 'Build a Smarter Qatar'

  • 2 years   ago
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In a bid to become a leading smart nation, the State of Qatar, has recently launched the “Smart Qatar (TASMU) Program.” 

Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa Bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, Prime Minister, and Minister of Interior, the historic celebration turned Qatar Smart Vision into reality. 

The new platform is the flagship initiative of the Ministry of Transport & Communications (MOTC), which serves as a vehicle driving the country’s digital advancement.

Qatar has introduced TASMU that will be a game-changer in the years ahead. But, what is the purpose of it and how can it benefit residents and citizens alike?

What is TASMU Platform?

TASMU Platform is the beating heart of Qatar's digital vision. 

Building a Smart Qatar, this platform designed to spark a wave of innovation, will turn Qatar into a global digital leader.

It will enable every resident and citizen to harness the benefits of a digital country in the palm of their hands.

It will boost Qatar's efforts in becoming one of the world's most important smart countries. A country like no other.

How Does it Work?

With TASMU, the possibilities are endless. 

• Let's say you want to go to a hospital. You will be able to book a parking space ahead of the visit through a smart parking app.

• Even in your home, sensors from the TASMU Platform will monitor your electricity and water consumption, which will help you in saving energy resources.

• Entrepreneurs will be able to unleash innovative apps faster and inexpensively by using pre-built components such as secure payment, geolocation and authentication.

• Government entities can use TASMU Platform to harness the power of analysing big data for more informed decision making.

• Through smart connected farming, TASMU Platform can ensure our nation's food security, can improve transportation services, health care, sports, environment, and logistic services.

• In 2022, when Qatar hosts visitors from all over the world, the crowd management solutions will provide unique visibility to prevent overcrowding and bottlenecks. 

• In case of a medical emergency, a doctor can check on the patient using virtual consultation, right away

What are its Benefits?

TASMU is a central platform that includes many digital solutions for the business sector through the analysis of data such as:

• Providing comprehensive service to all users

• Facilitating access to all services of both government and private sectors.

• Accelerating digital transformation in the different smart sectors, medical care, health care, logistical services, sports, in order to build services that are human based.

• Limiting the hurdles and obstacles for the community and individuals including:

- bookings

- ticket purchasing 

- event management

- payment gateways

- community safety

- cybersecurity

• Meeting all the requirements of the companies to expand their business regionally and internationally and compete in the market of digital applications

• Reinforcing the growth of digital economy through new job opportunities

More solutions will be introduced via the TASMU Platform to facilitate the lives of citizens, expats, and visitors.

What are its Main Objectives?

1. To serve as communication linkage between different governmental institutions, individuals and private sectors through its work as a unit to design and develop and market 4 smart solutions that are available in the State of Qatar.

2. To cater to the private sector and public sector to smart solutions, these sectors are going to rely on this platform in order to develop their smart platforms and smart applications

and this is going to positively impact the growth of technological investments

3. To store and analyze data in order to transport into data summaries that would enable us to manage resources and to take decisions smartly

What are its First 3 Projects?

1. Digital Farmer Community Platform

2. National Food Security Analytics Platform

3. Virtual Consultation System

TASMU Platform Official Launching

The launching was held virtually via Microsoft Teams, last July 7, 2021. It was spearheaded by some notable names from local authorities.

Here are some statements from the the keynote speakers during the event:

His Excellency Jassim Bin Saif Al Sulaiti 

MOTC Minister

• One of the most important objectives of Qatar 2030 Vision is to have the State of Qatar amongst the leading smart countries worldwide.

• Innovation and development are going to enable the members of the community to achieve utmost ambitions and objectives to have a strong digital system of communication solutions.

• These objectives are being achieved one after the other, through our TASMU program which is the umbrella through which we aim to achieve digital transformation in our State. 

• We are materializing an ambitious vision through the TASMU platform which is one of the most important initiatives that contribute to the implementation of Qatar Smart Vision and reinforce communication connectivity linkage between governmental and private sectors.

• Thanks to the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, our government realized the importance of investing in modern technologies, innovation, creativity, for sustainable development and national economy.

• As the Ministry, we have the key to materialize this vision in order to hold into a great future in order to establish a digital platform and a strong technology that would empower all sectors to have shoulders with world technologies and developments in order to enter into this digital world.

• We have launched Smart Qatar Vision TASMU, which is one of the pioneer initiatives in order to adapt technological solutions in a systematic way at the level of governmental institutions and to reinforce the sustainable lifestyle, innovation and technology and integrate technologies in all activities of life which will increase the different resources and reinforce connectivity linkages and digital capabilities for all members of the community.

• We have enacted a revolution in technology in order to create a positive change and the level of the economy and the community in the state of Qatar.

• We adopted the strategy in the State of Qatar for smart and artificial intelligence.

• We have developed the infrastructure of technology, reinforced the services of internet, and catered to all the needs of the electronic government.

• We are in the first position when it comes to the internet penetration that reaches 99%.

• We rank second among the countries of the region when it comes to governmental electronic services, in addition to the fact that Qatar was among the first that has used 5G technology with a penetration that covers half of the State.

• Because we believe in innovation AND reinforcing the opportunities of startups, we have worked on these digital initiatives through TASMU and the digital incubation that has even supported many startups in the last recent years.

• We have been working on such innovation and we have become a very strong competitor when it comes to ICT and information technology.

• We are among the first countries when it comes to the adoption of communication and ICT for entrepreneurs, youth in services and economically.

• Qatar also is ranked 21st when it comes to the environmental capabilities and the ecosystem of empowerment and first worldwide when it comes to the empowerment of persons with special needs for them to use technologies and this was reflected in different sectors of the State.

• We have used smart solutions in order to find solutions to challenges that countries face among the world such as navigation and traffic congestion and to cater for the views of the different medical services.

• All of these are under the umbrella of our platform TASMU which is a stride that we have undertaken in order to achieve these solutions in different sectors: environmental and medical sectors

• We are all together in order to achieve yet a new kind of achievement in order to enforce the digital economy in the region through this platform in cooperation with a consortium that is led by Ooredoo and this platform uses cloud computing, artificial intelligence and different pioneering methodologies such as internet data, internet of things.


• This is an opportunity for developers and innovators for them to materialize the ideas in keeping with the ambitions and fulfill the needs of our country.

• TASMU is going to be a very important step that is going together with governmental agencies and private sectors in order to coordinate efforts in order to come up with comprehensive solutions that would cater to all the solutions that we would be able to use.

• TASMU is going to be a source for information that is going to give a comprehensive analysis when it comes to each and every sector which is going to be supportive to the decision making sector and to direct investments to have the best economic revenues and societal revenues.

• The platform is going to contribute to the implementation of Smart Qatar Vision in the implementation of the member applications through linked platforms that are going to meet the needs of users.

• Tasmu is also going to contribute to the enforcement of the public and private sector in adopting ICT in their work which is going to lead to competitiveness when it comes to the economy of the state and to the non-oil and gas GDP is going to increase by 22%.

• We are sure that this advanced performance of the platform is going to be a model that is going to be emulated in developing smart cities worldwide.

Smart Qatar (TASMU) Vision

Her Excellency Reem Bint Mohammed Al Mansoori

Assistant Undersecretary of Digital Society Development, Ministry of Transport and Communications

• We are turning Qatar Vision into reality.

• In the light of what we are living today, we have to go very very fast. The ability to exchange information is a basic pillar when it comes to reinforcing the quality of life and the world we have. 

• The more we analyze, the more we can develop smart solutions that are going to look into the challenges that would give us a comprehensive and comfortable experience.

• This is the essence of this experience that all countries aspire to, a country that will be able to understand reality very quickly and flexibly, the country that would be able to plan for the future, and fulfill the needs of the coming generations.

• In order to achieve such ambition, there should be a developed infrastructure that will include the digital and material world, in order to change our day-to-day life and activities into data, that can be read and analyzed nationally in order to come up with solutions, and that would reduce cost and facilitate procedures.

• This the legacy that we would like to leave for the coming generations 

• TASMU provides cloud computing to achieve technology for all institutions of the State in order to store and analyze data. 

• We can imagine the impact that we can have through TASMU platform if we see that this sector in the State of Qatar is expected to reach 32 billion Qatari Riyals by 2024 so the opportunities, economically speaking and in terms of revenues comes to worldwide smart cities, it is going to reach 5 trillion US dollars.

• This platform aims to have more than 200 smart sectors in transportation, logistical solutions, medical care, in the coming decade and we have witnessed during the coronavirus pandemic the changes that have happened as a result of these solutions, we have the virtual consultation system that was developed by Ministry of Public Health in order to overcome the challenges that we have had as a result of the pandemic.

• We were able to have virtual clinics that enable so many people to have consultations virtually without taking risks and being in contact with the persons that have the virus and without impacting the good services that can be given to those persons and to develop the environmental sectors in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

• TASMU is a digital platform that gives opportunities for farmers to exchange ideas to observe their crops in order to have a technology that would enable them to use internet of things, artificial intelligence and the use of GIS, and meteorology, etc. 

• TASMU has a new kind of initiative, the National Port Security analysis platform that would guarantee that these entities are going to be able to work in harmony in order to preserve the strategic food items storage when it comes to wheat sugar, without any shortage or increase in the crisis of these goods.

• TASMU Platform is the investment for the future in order to prepare the infrastructure to benefit from all the capabilities in order to reduce cost and best investment in terms of time and effort.

• The more participants we have, the more information we have for our users, the more effective we're going to achieve in order to have an added value 

• Know more about the use of the TASMU Platform and how to benefit from the different services to reduce cost and take advantage of the data to develop smart solutions that would give comprehensive experience to users.

TASMU Platform and the MOTC-Ooredoo Consortium PartnershipT

Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Bin Nasser Al Thani

Chief Commercial Officer, Ooredoo

• TASMU helps us achieve and transform the State into a knowledge-based economy through a cloud platform that would like the private and public sectors and individuals through technological and governmental services that would serve all beneficiaries in governmental sectors and other sectors.

• It is a pivotal component in order to reinforce the services that are going to present the success of this project is the outcome 

• More than 200 employees, 16 companies from more than 15 countries have worked together for this project.

• Irrespective of the challenges of the coronavirus, we were able to achieve and implement the project as it was.

• We started the platform with more than 35 products, with the cooperation of different ministries.

• Ooredoo is a pioneering national company when it comes to communication and ICT solutions and through its led consortium with a number of partners MicroSoft, Delta partners, Accenture, Malomatia and PWC, TASMU platform was developed and it's going to be operated in the coming 9 years.

Pioneering Development, Promising Future

The State of Qatar is one of the advanced countries worldwide when it comes to digital transformation.

For a sustainable tomorrow, for a better life, TASMU is going to create a comprehensive development at the level of the State and the economy for a more comfortable life.

For a knowledge-based economy, the implementation of a number of applications that are based on the internet of things would facilitate all difficult tasks through internet data, through smart solutions, for a better future.

TASMU, the pioneering development and a promising future.