HMC advises public to practice safe usage of e-scooter during Ramadan

  • 6 months   ago
In a social media post, the Hamad Injury Prevention Program [HIPP], Hamad Trauma Center (HTC) of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has urged the public in Qatar to practice proven safe e-scooter use especially during the holy month of Ramadan. 
This was posted due to the recent statistics that showed a number of individuals that were injured in Qatar caused by e-scooters. 
In the post, HMC said that, “the Hamad Trauma Center has already seen victims with severe e-scooter injuries and there have been reports of many minor to moderate e-scooter injuries needing care at the various emergency rooms in Qatar," HMC mentioned in the post.”
“In the same post, the Hamad Injury Prevention Program [HIPP] also mentioned that it is sharing the best practice for use and regulation of e-scooters because "it does not want it to be inevitable that e-scooters will be the cause of more severe injuries here in Qatar especially during Ramadan where kids and other users will ride them mostly at night,” he added.