HMC reaffirms public on importance of telephone services for elderly during epidemic

  • 6 months   ago
Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has reaffirmed public about a telephone service that is operated to reassure the safety of vulnerable elderly people during COVID-19 epidemic. 
On its social media accounts, HMC has said that as part of the ‘Elderly Telephone Reassurance Services’ by Department of Geriatric and Long-Term Care, a healthcare professional will contact people who are aged above 60 years old with chronic illness. 
The ‘Elderly Telephone Reassurance Services’ staff will speak with the elderly to check on them, introduce them to the services offered by the institution, learn about their health and medical problems and also will give appropriate advice to them.
In a post, HMC stated that “Department of Geriatric and Long-Term Care is looking after our elders during COVID-19. If you are over 60 years of age with chronic health conditions and need more health and safety information we can help you.” 
It said that, “A healthcare professional will contact you over the coming week to provide health advice and reassurance to support your health and wellbeing.”  
‘Elderly Telephone Reassurance Services’ is part of a range of comprehensive health services given to the elderly during the ongoing pandemic caused by COVID-19.
The Department of Geriatrics and Long-Term Care at HMC has also urged all elderly patients to take advantage of the services given to them in the Elderly Day Care from 7am to 10pm, daily at Rumailah Hospital.
Day care services are offered by a medical team specialising in geriatrics in a less crowded and friendly environment for the concerned age group, as each case is carefully assessed and the patients’ needs are managed quickly and flexibly.
HMC said that “For people above the age of 60 years with medical problems which are not life threatening but need urgent medical attention, a rapid assessment and management is done by a Specialist Geriatric Multidisciplinary team in a less busy and age friendly setting.”
People aged 60 years and above with non-life-threatening medical problems can call on 33253128 or 55193240 to arrange an appointment. But they are requested to call 999 for life threatening conditions.
HMC further added that “For any life-threatening conditions, chest pain, suspected stroke or difficulty breathing, please dial 999 or visit your nearest Emergency Department. If you have health-related questions regarding COVID-19, please call the COVID-19 helpline (16000) or visit”