KAHRAMAA Wins Annual Qatarization Award 2021 for Energy Sector

  • 3 years   ago

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) has won the Annual Qatarization Award 2021 for Best Qatarization Progress within the energy sector, in honor of its continuous efforts to attract Qatari talent and provide them with the best opportunities.


KAHRAMAA seeks to develop its national cadres through effective plans to train and empower Qataris, whether its employees or graduates looking for training and development opportunities. It also has shown a great commitment to developing highly qualified Qatari cadres, in line with the Strategic Qatarization Plan and with the human resources pillar within Qatar National Vision 2030 four development pillars.



Efforts in this field include supporting national cadres and providing them with all the means and tools required to improve and diversify their specialized and leadership skills, including training opportunities, professional consulting, and competitive employment benefits, which contribute to attracting the Qatari cadres and enhancing their presence among the employees of the Corporation, in addition to continuous monitoring and follow-up for the job performance of Qataris to remedy all the gaps and ensure the optimal realization of their potential and capabilities.


KAHRAMAA has been keen to strengthen its partnerships with a number of entities in the education sector in order to enhance skills and build capabilities, especially in the field of science and technology, in order to expand the areas of specialization in the corporation, and support sustainable development in the country and the continuous development of operations and services.


Receiving this award affirmed KAHRAMAA's commitment to the policies and directions developed within the Strategic Qatarization Plan, as it continues its approach to employing Qataris, supporting them in all aspects of their professional lives and providing them with quality training programs, due to their great contributions and efforts, which are the founding pillar of the corporation's successes and achievements, and due to their effective role in achieving KAHRAMAA's vision and objectives and consolidating its role and position. (QNA)

Source: QNA