Katara Publishing House Records Journey of Fine Art in Qatar

  • 5 months   ago
Katara Publishing House documented fine art in Qatar, through the issuance of a book titled 'Fine Art in the State of Qatar, 60 Years of Creativity (1960-2020)', prepared by artist Hassan al-Mulla and journalist Abdullah al-Hamdi, in co-operation with the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (ALECSO). The publication comes within the series of books of modern and contemporary Arab fine art.
It is the 17th publication of the organisation and the second that is devoted to Qatar within the same series, where the first book was published in 1993. The book consists of 350 pages and is characterised by recording the impressions of three generations of Qatari fine artists, starting with the generation of pioneers of the contemporary fine art movement (1960-1980), passing through the middle generation (1980-2000), and ending with the artists of the contemporary period (2000-2020).
The book also sheds light on the organisations that played a role in the process of fine art in Qatar, including universities, museums, art centres, and galleries, as sponsors of fine art, as well as art groups.

Source: QNA