Ministry releases new list of maximum selling prices for fruits until May 21

  • 1 year ago

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) announces the fixing of maximum prices for selling fruits in all retail outlets in Qatar. It added that fixing the maximum prices for selling fruits from the commercial establishments takes effect from May 17 until May 21, 2020 and is subject to extension.

The local authority stated that each violator will be subject to the penalties stipulated in applicable laws, decisions, and regulations.




MoCI stressed that the announcement aims to compel all retail outlets to abide by the selling prices specified in the list. It noted that in cases of non-compliance, penalties will be issued and legal measures will be taken.

The Ministry calls on all members of the society to report violations of the above conditions via hotline 16001.

Here is the new list of the maximum prices for selling fruits released by the Ministry today:

Source: Ministry of Commerce and Industry