MoCI: All cafes and restaurants must comply local customs and traditions

  • 7 months   ago
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has said the new trend of serving beverages in feeding bottles is not in compliance with the country's customs and traditions.
Mentioning on the new trend of restaurants and cafes serving coffee and other beverages in bottles meant for babies.
MoCI called on all cafes to adhere to the relevant regulations and laws imposed nby the government on Tuesday. 
In a social media post, the ministry has said that, recently it was noticed that some cafes and restaurants had advertised on providing drinks that were in "inappropriate bottles that did not fit with customs and traditions".
Accordingly, MoCI has urged all cafes and restaurants to go in line with the relevant local laws and regulations.
The statement came after images appeared on social media showing beverages being served in feeding bottles, leading to sharp reactions from the public.
Similar cases have been reported from some other GCC countries also, with the authorities and relevant officials stepping in to curb these type of practices.